30/4/2011 – Teeny tiny food trip @ Georgetown

by zee

The next day we proceeded for our mini food trip at Penang Road! Had a (second) taste of their cendol and laksa. Mmmmm now I know why the cendol is so famous – the gula melaka is really really good! Love the red beans as well. The char koay teow without chilli is just bleah, as if something is missing. (I didn’t know the normal one is without chilli!)  After walking around we went back for cendol and rojak.



But while waiting,

While waiting for our orders

(L-R) Sin Yee, Jia Li, Gaik Tian, Sok Teng, Qian Xin, Mong Hui, Wendy, Hui Yi

Taking photos of taking photos

Taking a photo of Jia Li taking a photo of GTO taking a photo of Jia Li taking a photo of GTO taking a...

We proceed to First Avenue for sight seeing. Its ground floor feels soooo familiar like home :)

First Avenue toilet!

Mirror camwhoring at First Avenue's toilet

And then we went to Prangin Mall, where we eventually splitted with one group shopping and another… waiting for dinner lol. Meanwhile had Oreo Cheesecake at Secret Recipe, and it was yummmmmmmmmmmms heavenly.

Had dinner at this western restaurant of which the name I’ve forgotten lol. Basically you get what you pay for, and for RM20 for a drink, soup, main course and dessert, it wasn’t that bad :)

Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup

The mushroom soup was too salty for my liking. But I love that you can chew chunky bits of mushrooms! :9 Also the cheesiness is just perfect :)

Our main course. No idea who ordered what but I ordered Spanish omelette (bottom left corner). It’s tomatoes, capsicums, button mushrooms and onions and whatnots cooked in some red sauce that does not resemble tomato sauce, wrapped/folded half in scrambled egg, with boiled potatoes, carrot, broccoli and snap peas as sides. Not bad.
Dessert - chocolate/peppermint ice-cream

Dessert - chocolate/peppermint ice-cream

Back to our hostel. I packed some of my stuff into the store. And just few minutes I got a luggage bag of (really messy) notes from my senior… Well, at least I have something productive to do.