29/4/2011 – Queensbay!

by zee

Straight away after our Dosage Form theory exam we went to Queensbay for Dragon-i! Hui Yi had a RM50 voucher :D

Dragon-i dinner

Luxurious dinner at Dragon-i!

I don’t know the names for the dishes. (L-R) 素鹅;小笼包 was yummmy! :9 ; 椒盐豆腐 – the crispy crust is really salty and MSG-loaded, but the tofu itself is silky and soft, and together with the sweet chilli sauce it’s delicious!; Japanese tofu with mixed veg and sotong; Shanghai Ramen with pork ribs – ok so the soup tastes weird lol but the pork ribs is nice; Long beans; Drunken chicken – cold and literally drunk.

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

I wanted to watch The Roommate but nobody wanna teman me to watch horror movie :(. Wanted to watch Thor or Rio but only 3D is available, and it was too $$! Some of us are not interested in watching HK movies like 倩女幽魂, so we settled for Red Riding Hood.

It talks about a sort-of isolated village at the woods, where the werewolf attacks every full moon. When villagers are killed, things get horrible! To me, the movie was just -____-;; The first half was quite boring. The second half was intense! It kept us guessing who the werewolf is. Surprise, surprise. The ending was pretty Pirates of the Caribbean-ish. Max Irons is cuuuute! XD

Max Irons