Meow!: Kuching, Day 1

by zee

Kuching is awesome!

I went to Kuching, Sarawak with a bunch of my coursemates just a few days after the end of our finals for 4 days 3 nights!

We stayed in Lodge 121 located in the city centre. Seems like a really small place from outside: it occupies only 2 storeys of 2 shop lots. It’s a really comfy hostel to stay in, with its (romantic?) orange lights and cozy atmosphere.

Lodge 121

Yeap, top-rated hostel! :D

The pantry - microwave, toaster, hot water dispenser, coffee, tea, sugar, cups, and plates. Pretty considerate, huh?

The mini kiosk just beside the entrance, selling 3-in-1 coffee and Milo, as well as instant noodles. There’s a water dispenser beside it.

Yeap. There’s a stair within the hostel – 2 flights, to be precise.

Steep steep stairs leading up to MORE rooms!

And the hostel is s0 cozy, they even set up this really cute place up on the 1st floor! :)

Well yeah we do have to fight for the limited bathrooms lol but they are clean, and hot shower is provided!

After we’ve settled down we went to have our dinner at Country Court. It’s a pretty luxurious and filling meal!

The lemon slice in dragon fruit juice

One special dish that can only be found in S’wak is called Midin, a kind of wild vegetable which is sort of related to paku.

It’s sort of curly, and crunchy, and tastes very… wild-vegetable-ish.

We were served a whole chicken for each table. Now that’s over-estimating our appetite because there are only 8 guys among us (that’s 1/4), and we can’t generalise that all guys have the same huge appetite or even preference of food.

For example, Deffrey has humongous appetite but doesn’t eat anything with form (or bone).

Chicken kings in action! - (2nd from left) Lydia, Chai, Tui Ho

And after our dinner we went back to our hostel. Some of us played cards, some talked the night away. After a good night sleep it’s the second day :)