Movie marathon

by zee

Robert Pattinson is SUPER CUTE in this movie! x3 Talks about Jacob’s adventure in The Benzini Brothers’ circus and his romance with Marlena (Reese Witherspoon). Love the romance between them! It’s so filled with chemistry and ambiguous. It’d be better though if there is a little bit more from the circus itself, instead of just focusing on their romance.

The cinema is always so cold when I watch Pirates of the Caribbean. But. Meh. This was boring. It took me a while to get into the movie. Seems to me that the movie was made just to rob away consumers’ money.

I’ve come to appreciate, though, Johnny Depp’s amazing acting. I’m fascinated and amazed at how he’s able to exhibit the characters he act to such precision, that the characters seem to come alive, as if pirates in the real world do dress like that, speak like that, act like that, and search for bizarre stuff like the Fountain of Youth.

And I always love his smile omg so cute. His cheeks becomes so puffy like chipmunk :P (No pictures online do justice.)

Great movie. Too bad I’m not a fan of ballet. Oh gosh Natalie Portman is a darling. She’s too old mature to act as Nina though; Nina seems to be in her early 20s, tops. But her fantasies scare me out. “OMG! You’ve been fantasising about me? Was I good?” Lol. However something seems to be missing from this movie and I don’t know what.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is soooo cute omg. Summer (Zooey Deschanel) doesn’t didn’t believe while Tom is was the other way round. They met each other in the office (greeting cards), and dated, and did boyfriend-girlfriend stuff – except that Summer thought they were just friends, or at least wanted them to be that way.

Tom is so cute, I must stop stalking him on the internet.

Hmmmm. What should I watch tomorrow.