Kuching, Day 2

by zee

After breakfast we head out to Sarawak Cultural Village to have an insight of how the major aborigines live their lives.

Sarawak cultural village

First, you have to cross this bamboo bridge, which is not easy at all as it’s very very narrow. Though it’s sturdy, it’s narrowness gives you the impression that it’ll collapse any time soon!

First stop: Rumah Bidayuh

Smoke from the fire was used to dry out the skull the headhunters have hunted hung above the fireplace.

Bamboo flooring

Separating rice from its husk.

Second stop: Rumah Iban. Iban is the most common aborigine in Sarawak.

At the entrance

Making Kuih Jala. The mix is poured into a ladle (?) with holes underneath, and is then swirled into hot oil in various directions to create distinct patterns. It

Third stop: Rumah Penan

Rumah Penan is a quaint little hut, sitting by the side of the road, and if not for its signboard I guess we might miss it.

Beside the house is a hut to make the blowpipe. The wood is placed in the middle of a hole of the hut, and a weight is used to push down a straight metal rod down the middle of the wood.

Tourguide explaining about the poisonous darts.


Getting a taste on the blowpipe! 3 tries for RM1.

4th stop: Rumah Orang Ulu. Orang Ulu consists of other minor aborigines.


The designs on the pillars and doors are so intricate and beautiful!

5th stop: Rumah Melanau

6th stop: Rumah Melayu (Malay house)

Congkak with pebbles! Traditionally made out of wood, the congkak is longitudinal in shape which has 2 rows of 7 holes, with 2 additional larger holes at both ends.

7th stop: Rumah Cina (Chinese house)

A lady (possibly an aborigine) explained to us about the difference between white and black peppers, as well as the process of producing of bird’s nest.

After that, we went to watch a show which showcases the traditional music and dances of the different aborigines. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t differentiate these musics, but they were absolutely beautiful.

Penan performance

After our lunch and the visit to the cat museum, it’s the obligatory photo with the iconic cat of Kuching city :) The white cat is actually quite a small statue situated in the middle of a roundabout (that’s what they call when it’s not exactly a roundabout, more exactly a wider extension of the end of a road divider).

And then a cruise along Sarawak river.

RM600m Sarawak state legislative assembly building

Home of Chief Minister of Sarawak

The only couple in our course were forced to mimic the iconic Titanic scene, but they were so shy to look at the camera :P

Another performance by the aborigine.