Kuching, Day 3

by zee

After a yummy local breakfast in a hawker centre, we went to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre.

Meet Delima & son, who was currently nameless at the point of visiting.

I forgot what’s its name!

Next stop: Jong’s Crocodile Farm

There were a small museum about crocodiles, as well as some exhibitions of other animals such as turkey.

Crocodile show

The workers will dangle pieces of meat on a piece of string, and the crocodiles will jump up to eat. Sometimes the workers will pull the meat away.

 Wind cave is quite a short cave, but it’s totally dark. Pitch black. You can’t see a thingat all in there. Lots of bats. Don’t remember what’s in there already haha. Despite its name, there wasn’t much wind lol.

Both caves are not that far from each other. Fairy Cave is far more exciting than the previous one! First we have to climb a 4-storey high tower to get to the entrance.

And then it’s some more climbing on the stones, which are really slippery if you’re not careful and steep, up to a platform (like Level 1).

And then it’s some more climbing up to “Level 2”, where we walked a little bit further in. Of course you don’t see fairies in the cave! In Chinese Fairy Cave is called 神仙洞, which should be translated to Deities’ Cave.

You can see that the stone on the right resembles Virgin Mary & Jesus Baby.

 This looks like Kuanyin (Goddess of Mercy).

This is the view from “Level 2” towards the opening of the cave. It’s more majestic if you see it yourself :) There is another wooden platform near the opening where we can view into the cave itself. It’s not that difficult to climb. And, well, since we’re there, why not just go? :)