On the way to Dalian

by zee

Hello people, I am in Dalian!

Ok I know this is like a little too late since I’m here 8 days ago, but I was too busy (and lazy) to blog about it. Blogging takes up too much time.

I went to Dalian with another 2 Malaysians, Pin Xin and Zet Hui, via Shanghai.

Cans in Chinese

We reached Shanghai on time, but apparently the flight to Dalian was delayed due to fog like OMG. The person at the counter told us that the delay time is indefinite, might be a little while or might take a day. It was nice for the airline to arrange us to stay at a nearby hotel instead of waiting at the airport.

The hotel the airline arranged us to

The lunch the airline sponsored

After a sumptuous lunch also provided by the airline, the 3 of us walked around the suburbs. It’s amazing how Shanghai can be so advanced and yet the suburbs is so… suburb-ish. Almost village-like.

Finally at 4.15pm we were told that the flight was on! We took the 6.30pm flight to Dalian and reached there safely at 8.20pm, where we waited for the Chinese (PRC) volunteers to pick us up.

Dinner given on plane

(Now really there is not much point of taking photos of airplane meal, but this was worth taking. They had nuts, cherry tomatoes (!!!), pickled vegetables and bun in a box. So strange. And the noodle tasted sour-ish, that’s the flavouring but it’s weird :O)

Apparently they waited for us for like 6 hours and they decided that we wouldn’t be coming that day, mana tau when they reached they received our call :P

Ok so I didn’t take photos of the place we stay. Basically we stay in the AIESEC office of DUT/DMU. It’s a tiny, rundown apartment unit on the 6th floor (7th floor to them) with 3 rooms. Girls took 2 rooms while the other by guys. There is only one toilet for 14 people. There is also a kitchen but it’s stuffed with the stuff of AIESECers here as they just moved in. They have a semi-auto washing machine as well as a refrigerator, but they’re pretty old-looking… *cough

In our project, there are: 3 Malaysian girls; 3 Indonesian girls and 1 boy (not arrived yet); 1 Taiwanese girl and 1 boy (will fly to Guiyang directly); 1 Swiss girl; 1 UK Chinese boy; 1 Russian boy; 1 Kyrgyzs girl.

Will blog about our excursions later :)