I want a tiang!

by zee

I want to talk to someone right now. This instant. Maybe anyone will do, maybe only this one specific person that I might or might not have met, who could be someone from the past, or the present, or the future.

But if I were to give this strange desire more thought, I would realise that there aren’t exactly anything in my mind that I want to say.  Or, maybe there is something in an invisible closet in my mind, its contents all organised (I guess?), waiting for the right person to come along so that it can bounce out and present itself to this person. There are so many right people that I know, knew, will know, or never will know; and there are just so many right things that I can tell. For example, I can tell them that I just came back from Yangon at 2.30am, and spent more than an hour lying on my bed (my bed, ohhhh you feel so gooood against my tanned darkened skin wtf) thinking of the same thing over and over and over again. (This thing call thinking is so frickin’ annoying.)

Or maybe there isn’t anything specific that I want to say. Maybe I just want to point out the obvious that is happening at this second. For example, I’m listening to Khalil Fong right now, and falling head over heels for him again. How can you not, when you have jazz/blues/R&B against a gentle and yet rough voice? Oh the bliss that surrounds me.

Or maybe I just don’t have anything to say. Maybe all I want is just a presence, a quiet warmth beside me. Just there for me to lean against when I feel like it.

Yes, I need a pole, heated to human body temperature, that is what I need, haha.


On an unrelated note, I wanna try lomography! Such interesting burst of colours! And these photos always give such unique insights into ordinary life! Ah, art :)