Imagine – John Lennon

by zee

Ok really this is like the ultimate procrastination, I’m leaving tomorrow morning, I have my laptop on playing music so that packing wouldn’t be that excruciating (wtf I frickin’ hate packing)… and then I ended up editing and viewing photos hahaha I mean HOW CAN YOU RESIST THIS CUTE FACE! <3

He was someone I met in the train from Guizhou to Beijing. I forgot his name lolol but I remember he was 4.5 years old. He’s very vain and very cute. He’s from Hebei if I’m not mistaken! Basically I don’t understand what he was talking 100% of the time la. I have some more of his pictures! <333 (Anyways I’ll talk about China a little bit later.)

Now that it’s almost 7pm, I’m going out again later in about 10 minutes and my half-packed luggage has its mouth wide open, me thinking what else to put inside there/take out and here I am typing this out hahahaha.


As I was looking back at the photos, as far back as 4 years ago, memories kept playing in my mind, the stories associated with the photos. No matter how plain and undramatic these stories (my life) are, it still never fail to bring a smile up on my face.

Those happy carefree days! I wonder, how is it possible that I could be like that during those times? It felt so unlike me. Heck I was in the middle of these happenings, but it felt like they happened in another world in another time, as if I travelled from That World to This World and I didn’t kow how.

As far in time as my pea brain can bring me to, I don’t recall any regrets. The decisions that I’ve made so far, some would change the present landscape; but basically most wouldn’t change a bit. (Or would it?) And then there are some things that, as I thought back, I could’ve done in another way. I could’ve said these words, or done these things, or thought in another way. Would that change anything in the present?

Well, as they say, let’s just focus on the present. The past (or at least mine) is almost always a better place to be as compared to the present, but however the near future turn out to be, the decision still lies in my hand, ain’t it? I decide whether it’ll be disastrous, or it’ll be the best time of my life. Now all I need is a dash of courage, confidence, and spontaneity :) (& some luck please!)


On the other hand, I’ve got myself a fleece throw today! Very very soft and as brown as my skin lolol and OMG! it’s total blisssss to surround myself with it. It’s approx 130cm x 150cm, made out of 100% polyester.

I hope the new library is fully open – 24 hours! Then I can sleep with Throw (its name) in there during study week :)))