First day of being a senior

by zee

Ok the title doesn’t actually ring true – yet. Cuz I haven’t meet my junior. I heard that he’s very popular because the committee of the Orientation already know him. And he can go makan mooncake in one of the facilitator’s room. I’ve seen his face on FB dy, memang 38 looking. But I’ll meet him tomorrow! See what comes up :D

Anyways yeahh today I finally start my life back as a student. For the previous 4 months I’ve been a crazy traveller sans salary :O Duit dah makan banyak2. So yeah how was first day?

FAR 211: Biochemistry. Relearn intermolecular forces again OMG tak tahan that’s like the 4th time in 5 years!

FAR 241: Antimicrobial Therapy. Dean’s class. He becomes from charming to annoying. Still I like that OTT accent. He likes to ask questions! I wonder if he remembers our faces.

FAR 212: Medicinal Chemistry. Listen to the lecturer talking about serendipitous discovery of penicillin and Viagra. I woke up at the Viagra part *cough

FAR 221: Physical Pharmacy I. Don’t remember what happened here :O

FAR 222: Dosage Form II. Nothing much.

In the middle of a class (actually there wasn’t a class, the lecturer didn’t exist lolol) I received a call from a very strange number. It has a plus sign in front, nameless, so I figured it’s an important international call – who receives international calls except important people *cough? – and I picked up. And ever so surprisingly it’s a call from a secondary school junior, all the way from Bangkok! He said he was lonely lolol and he started calling every one of his friends haha. It was such a pleasant surprise, a splash of colour in my otherwise dull life! His voice sounds different. I wonder if Thailand changed him, or it’s just my ears. But yeah we talked a little, only a little cuz he still has other friends to call (I presume) hahahaha.

Now here’s a mission I gave myself: to send a postcard/letter to Bangkok ;)


It’s 1.08am right now, I have a class at 8am, which translates to wake up at 6am. Haha.


Yay Friday holiday. Where should I go. Yay next week is convo week! What should I do if there’s free time *brainstorm