*coughcough during BS camp

by zee

Listening to: 不死之身——林俊杰

Actually I didn’t wanna blog but I think it’s worth telling that I’M SICK!


Cuz I seldom get sick hence this is a must-blog.

I ain’t getting enough rest these few days. Not enough sleep basically! Spending most of your days in an air-conditioned environment doesn’t help either. It dehydrates you severely. Also with the necessary communications with the people you see everyday and the people who exist at the other side of the phone once in a while! :X

There were signs of sore throat on Friday actually, but I ignored it cuz I didn’t think it would worsen to this condition. It was Saturday when I realised it’s became quite bad. What worsened it further is that I had to go to a camp which we, 2nd year seniors, organised for the juniors.

Mmm, perhaps I should get a nicer pair of flip flops?

It was quite difficult to drink H2O constantly, or not talk. So basically I practically lost 80% of my voice. This lead to several consequences:

1. I can’t scream.

2. I can’t cheer.

3. I can’t even laugh wtf. I laugh soundlessly like a mime. Pathetic.

4. I can’t talk without straining my throat. Quite painful actually. Since I can’t talk I’ve been reading quite a lot (compared to the recent days when I can’t even find time to read) whenever I had the free time. I must’ve seemed really cool to the juniors. There goes my image T___T

Oh but what’s really funny is that people still talk to me despite the super obvious symptom -__-;; sheeeesh that’s annoying when I talked to the person for 2 days consecutively and they still have the guts to ask me, “eh you sore throat ah” like wtf. Heck am I really that wallflower? (Ok I probably am, sadface -__-;;) And puh-leeeeeease even if one’s voice is of the coarse type, they don’t break their voice when they speak! Sheeeeeeeeeesh -__-;;

5. I CAN’T SING T________________T Do you know how torturous is this to me!!! I can’t even sing my favourite songs T____T Do you know how much it hurts me to reject the mic T_____T

Anyways! The juniors are really active and can be violent at times. I don’t recall that many injuries for our batch last year!

More than half of the 13 guys and the girls are tall and good-looking. My friend suspected that the interview panel paid a bit more attention to their physical features this year.

I have to say though that while many(?) of the seniors of my batch dislike that they don’t seem to respect us, I actually quite like their sporting attitude. It makes ice-breaking so much easier :) Oh yeah and apparently to the others my direct junior is like super 38 and not serious at all, but why is it that I, possibly the senior he’s closest to, don’t find him 38 at all? Does he treat me nicely so that he can get notes from me lolol?

With my direct junior, whose 38ness is an ambiguity. I'm sooooo tall! XD

I’m guilty to say that I slept throughout the candle talk -__-;; Sorry! I know it’s very disrespecting of me but I really was very tired! Apparently the juniors shared a lot of stories, it was very emotional in the room. Anyways the point is, not everyone is capable of sharing; and sharing is one of the most effective ways to bond with someone else. Of course I shouldn’t generalise, but I think that they have quite a strong bond between them; or else why would they share their personal stories?

Really la, I quite like them, even though I couldn’t get to interact much with them :) So cute!

Juniors looking out to the sea while eating their lunch.

Oh yeah about my sickness. Now it has proceeded to small, dry cough. Sighhhhh.

p/s It’s Deepavali holidays in 20 HOURS TIME!!!! Can’t wait. I shall blog a little bit more during then :)