by zee

I feel that this blog needs an update.

Ok not like there is anything to update. I just feel like procrastinating before I proceed to more serious stuff.

1. Penang Bridge International Marathon, 20th Nov

We frickin’ woke up at like 5am and reached Eastin Hotel for the run at 7am. The category we ran was Fun Run, which was 10km. Come to think of it, I should’ve entered 10K, I could get a medal too! And a really cute pink shirt! But anyways I quite like our yellow shirt too :)

The run was owhkay, but I have to admit that I didn’t have the determination to run 10km wtf. Probably I didn’t run for quite a long time? I was tired (mentally) after about 5km lol. But it was great run :) Love the sweat. It took me almost 1.5 hours to finish the run! I consider it quite an achievement, seeing that I haven’t been running for like more than 6 months!

The Penang Bridge was SOOOOO BEAUTIFULLLL in the morning! The sky was purple blue orangey, everything was the colour of the sky, the air was so clean and clear, it was so quiet and peaceful. If the sun doesn’t rose, I probably wouldn’t mind just sitting there the whole day admiring the colour.

OMG the colours.

Compulsory photo to look as if we really run the 42K.

Fail jump shot

* All photos stolen from my friend’s FB. I tak bawa camera :( Mom I miss my camera :(

2. Jazz Band 15th Annual Concert on 15th Nov. Theme: Jazz Retro. It was awesomeeee. The ladies wore flowery while the gentlemen wore funky! Honestly I thought this year’s Band was better than last year, probably cuz only the seniors played as the juniors entered late. They invited 2 male singers with oh-so-GODLY voices. And they look so skinny wtf! The drummers of the Penang Free School marching band are also invited to perform. Don’t remember what they did besides playing drums, the drums sound nice! Some Assoc. Prof. from Arts School performed Bharatanatyam (yay for Hubungan Etnik course, I can spell it correctly without looking it up lol!). I thought it was nice, except that we didn’t know what he wanted to convey. He was dancing out a story – we could make out he was sleeping, eating – but besides that and the simple music, it’s really… abstract. Prof Jeep plays an AWESOME jazz piano (concerto?) so groovayyy.

3. My exam is on 3rd – 13th January. 7 papers. I’m not sure whether I would wanna go to Pulau Jerejak for the semester-ly trip. It’s gonna be outdoorsy stuff. I like outdoorsy stuff, but this time I don’t have that urge to go, you know? (Which translates to indecisiveness.) My life lately has been so busy that I don’t have time to slow down. I don’t get enough sleep (count the pimples and win a prize!), I haven’t really started proper studying when quiz is probably coming soon, my assignments are left hanging, this AAA exhibition thing could be done better if we were to have more time. (Thanks, OCP.) I won’t have time to rest until the end of exam. I hadn’t rested for months wtf. I need to be on the go, in the now, but not continuously. Contrary to popular belief LOL I’m not an Energizer bunny!

All I wanna do is daydream. Don’t mind if a peaceful sleep comes next!

I’m quite sure I almost qualify for a geek (note the ALMOST)

4. Kayu has nice 3 rasa roti! It’s normal roti, with egg, kaya and planta inside. OMG nice. The best of three worlds :) Roti tisu still besssst :) (I’ll go on diet tomorrow ok.)

It’s already like 2.47am. I don’t feel like sleeping because there are so many things queuing up, waiting for me to complete T__T I’m glad it’s a long weekend but then, there seems to be an endless stream of things to do. Tomorrow I’m gonna complete my lab report, complete another part of 212 assignment, finish reviewing 241 parts of my group members, do chores. I become so occupied with stuff that I seemed to have ignored people :( I’m sorry :( I promise to have better time management yeah? I’m improving on that (I hope…)

Ok finally sleepy. Goodnight world. See you really soon.