2011 reflections, 2012 resolutions

by zee

Lengthy x4 post ahead

Happy new year’s eve!

Ok seriously I’m so embarrassed to post up my 2011 resolutions, because, honestly, I don’t remember I made them wtf.

2011 Resolutions
  1. Learn French.
    The only thing I did about French is probably tell everyone on earth that pharmacy student in USM can’t take French -.-;
  2. Stop biting my nails.
    I almost did it I almost did it I almost did it T___T
  3. Be more confident!!!
    Like damn fail.
  5. More decisive and firm with my decisions!
  6. Good results.
    I’m feeling guilty now.
  7. Breakthrough.
    Wtf the vaguest thing I’ve ever written in my life.
    Probably the only thing I’ve achieved in this list. Yay?

2011 is definitely crazier than 2010, way. crazier. How on earth did I manage to survive that whirlwind is just as mysterious to me as it is to you.

First of all, I would divide 2011 into 3 4-months parts, because that is exactly how 2011 was to me. As if I have been through 3 different years/dimensions wtf/stages.

Jan – Apr 2011

I remember PharmNight 2011, where I was the formal emcee wtf, because they couldn’t find another substitute, and my friend, who was the informal emcee, nominated me. Thank you, because it was an awesome experience.

Like, seriously, how many times in your life do you get the chance to put on a fish net on your head/have 3 falsies on your eyelid/carry 3 inches thick of make-up on your face for more than 12 hours/repeat the same lines over and over and over for 1 week just for that moment?

The only photo with/of my partner!

I also remember our post-CNY dinner for pharmacy students. I don’t know why I remember it so well, it wasn’t supposed to be that memorable lol o_O

Happy wabbit year!

Oh she was the one who nominated me for the emcee thing!

2 days straight of eating Baskin Robbins ice-cream, straight from the tub! Mwahahaha.

May – Aug 2011

11/5 – 14/5 Kuching trip with my coursemates! And I met up with Zuo Hao :DDD and I bought a RM40 Vincci slippers because mine rosak just like that in the mall (The Spring? tak berapa ingat).

Obligatory picture with THE CAT

Oh I’m a lousy blogger as well, I didn’t post up anything about my holidays! Damn fail. Haha.

10D 7N Europe trip with my mom! OMG it’s like SUPER AWESOME. We signed up for a tour that brings us different countries, each stopping only a day or two, just to get the gist out of the country. We went to Paris, France (the view of Paris from the Eiffel tower is just superbly awesome omgomgomg, the macaroons are equally awesome omgomgomg); Lucerne and Basel, Switzerland (snoooowwwwww); Heidelberg, Germany (their toilets at petrol stations are awesome omg); Brussels, Belgium (the Square really is beautiful!); Amsterdam, the Netherlands (woots Red Light District); London, England (finally a language I understand hahaha).

I don’t have any photos to show you how OMGBEAUTIFUL Europe is, so here’s a photo of the porcelain shoes I got from Holland (the Netherlands)! (Oh btw, yes the land is lower than the sea omgomgomg.)

I use it to store paper clips!

2 weeks after that we Apples went to Singapore. Yesssssshhh Smay and I managed to organise this with huge success woohoo! *dances around the room It was like frickin’ awesome. USS was frickin’ awesome. Koi bubble tea is like so much better than Chatime hahaha :P Oh but can you believe the initial aim was to visit YC in NTU? Haha in the end I didn’t go to NTU after all :)

Ignore the 2 persons at the left

And 2 weeks after that I’m off to Dalian & Guizhou, China, from 3/7 to 13/8 for AIESEC exchange programme. Before that I had to prepare a presentation about Malaysia, get in touch with Malaysian interns and get souvenirs haha! Oh gosh it was totally awesome; in fact that’s an understatement! How can you summarise 2 wonderful months in such a short paragraph?

Some of the things I remember really well throughout the internship are:

The international interns, the Office gang! <3

The PRCs who make the project possible :)

Booze night!!! Hahaha.

Beautiful mountains

and some more mountains, worship-able

The students. Oh goshhh you just simply fall in love with their sincerity

OMG BEST YOGURT EVER only available in Guizhou!

And then off to Beijing we went from 14/8 – 24/8! This is where I lost my train ticket and had to buy another one, thank goodness there still are loads of space -.-; that’s 500 yuan worth of lesson!

A photo with Chairman Mao!

Forbidden Palace. The red walls are so tragically beautiful.

Early in the morning about 7am at Forbidden Palace. The view, the moment, was beautiful.

Met up with Cindy at PKU! Whee Cindy you so cute!


Errrr I’m not done with my tripS yet zzzz. Cuz 2 days after I came back from China I’m off to Yangon, Myanmar from 26/8 to 30/8 hahahaha this is crazy.

You ask a yes or no question, and then the stone will give you the answer

Sep – Dec 2011

2nd year, 2nd semester! Ughhhh it’s pretty terrible @__@ It was a tough semester, so many new things to understand to study to memorise. We had weirdo group assignments which I delayed till the last minute to complete wtf.

I joined AIESEC, had to organise an exhibition for AIESEC AIDS in Action in less than a month. Errr I’m not sure whether you could call it a success, but I definitely learned a lot through this experience.

Outreach booth at First Avenue mall

Oh and also I volunteered myself to be the facilitator for USM 30-Hour Famine camp! It’s the first time I went to Engineering campus in Nibong Tebal wtf so many flies.

Smay so cute with the balloons!

What I remember about this semester is the all the late nights and terrible eating habits which leads to PIMPLESSSS OMGWTF T__T

Oh and something I’m not supposed to forget but somehow I did (for a while):



3 hour and 19 minutes into 2012!

See that’s me procrastinating again -.-;

Bleah 2012 kickstart quite horribly. Exam on 3rd January wtf and I haven’t even finished studying, so not anticipating for the horrible 2 weeks -.-; And it’s so hard to look forward for a good year when you don’t have a good start D:

But who’s to say the negative stuff are gonna stay throughout the year? ;)

Here are the things I want to achieve in 2012:

  1. Wake up on 22 December 2012
  2. Study consistently, maintain my CGPA.
  3. Enter the casino before 26 September.
  4. QUIT BITING NAILS WTF this resolution has been with me since I can read -.-;
  5. Practice a healthy lifestyle! Get fit, healthy, sexy and seductive!
  6. Get bald (if applicable) (I’m serious)
  7. Read at least 5 books in a month year (yes I’m serious -.-;)
  8. Quit procrastination wtf.
  9. Most importantly, be happy :)

Hmmm, it’s 3.58. Should I study or should I sleep?