The Beaver

by zee

One thing I like about international screenings is that there are so few audience! The cinema is so quiet so freezing cold and you don’t get distracted by sounds of chewing crunchy popcorn/opening yet another bag of chips/smell of hotdogs wtf/the “aha” moment when some 38 people guessed the ending correctly.

The Beaver

Walter (Mel Gibson) has extremely serious depression, to the extent that he is unable to carry on with his life and and only wants to sleep his life through. One morning, after waking up from two failed suicide attempts, he came across a beaver puppet who talks to him through his hand (or ventriloquism)!  Realising that this beaver (whose name is The Beaver) can communicate his thoughts much better than he can, The Beaver becomes Walter.

This is to inform you that The Beaver will speak on my behalf.

His family starts to accept him again, and his declining company is back on track! These people talk to The Beaver, but no one truly understands why The Beaver is talking and not Walter.

His wife, Meredith, tried to bring back Walter but failed, because he was incapable of communicating with people without his puppet. Slowly, he realised that The Beaver is taking control over his life, and decided to remove The Beaver once and for all, but…!

The movie is pretty dialogue-based, not pretty images whatsoever, but it conveys the message well. Love it!