by zee

This is a scheduled post.
Let’s start off with something simpler, and then we shall proceed to the more brain-damaging ones:
  1. Why do shoe shops sell bags, while bag shops don’t sell shoes? Why do clothes shops sell shoes and bags, but shoe shops don’t? Why do bag shops sell exclusively bags and clothes and shoe shops sell a variety of other stuff as well?
    (My roommate stunned when I told her this lolol.)
  2. Even when your memory is right, do you lie to it in order to maintain harmony?
  3. Are the unspoken social rules relevant to the current society? How do you determine that? Can these rules be broken? What are the consequences of being rebellious?
  4. How much risk are you willing to take in order to achieve your dreams? What if you can no longer return to the “good ole days”, will you still go ahead? How do you know you’re able to handle the changes, no matter how negative it is? How do you know that the dream that you want to achieve in the present is the dream you really want to live inin the future?
  5. How do you decide what you really live for? Can you live for yourself? Will it remain the same throughout your whole life? How long does it take to know that?
  6. How do you separate your mind from your heart? How do you know when’s the right time for it? How do you know the right  duration of this separation?
  7. When is the right time to show your ugly face spit your dirty words break your voice? How often should one do these? Are they necessary? Is it the best way to achieve your aim? If it isn’t, are there better alternatives? Do these alternatives actually work?
  8. How many emotions are there? How do you correctly identify them? What about feelings?
  9. Am I like the only person on earth who thinks all these stuff even though I know well it’ll destroy my delicate pea brain??? -__-;;

Blek my friend says I’m not suit for Malaysian education system cuz I think too much of these stuff lolol. If thinking too much will cause grey hair, then I wish I will grey gracefully. A whole head of grey hair is cool.

Something like this would be nice.

I should probably train myself to be a better writer so that I can express my thoughts better. Oh and also to improve on my memory zzz.