Album Review: Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials

by zee

Kim the FanGirl

“And I did cartwheels in your honour. Dancing on tiptoes; my own secret ceremonials”

When you first sit down and listen to Ceremonials, there is a blissful moment when you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’ve been transported to some strange and wonderful dreamlike location; where ghosts roam the streets, lovers embrace and break into song, and Florence Welch looks down upon you from her majestic tree. There is no other place like it. You want to be there. You want to keep Florence in your pocket and have her sing you lullabies. Or maybe, that’s just me?

With the follow-up to their 2009 debut album, Lungs, Florence + The Machine (once again) present us with a dazzling and strong record we will be talking about endlessly. Songstress, Florence Welch, explores the deepest of emotion with intense poetic lyrics and her passionate, powerful voice. Alongside, The Machine

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