Let me tell you a horror story-

by zee

Quite some time ago I stumbled upon this photo in my friend’s FB. (No I didn’t stalk.)

Yeah it’s a normal photograph of a couple, they look really sweet together-

But that’s not the point! The point is THIS comment that some unknown personthe friend’s friend has posted:

Translation: The both of you look more and more like husband and wife!

And then, like lightning, it struck me.



Like, wtf, marriage???

Within 10 years I’ll be attending my FRIENDS’ weddings, giving angpaus to them, and being told by others to get married fast fast.

It was sort of like falling to rock bottom, but not exactly rock bottom. More like the reality of OLD AGE. It’s coming to us slowly, the next thing you know it will engulf you like an amoebic bacterium and then-

To me, marriage is used to be like a forbidden adult word. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word (and its relatives) on me seriously. Secretly when I was small I wanted to get married; that’s why I drew and told love stories to myself, complete with weddings and pregnancies. (Thank you Disney.) But after I entered secondary school the thought of it has never crossed my mind at all, not even when my cute friend talked about it in great detail *cough or when I was fantasising my dream home.

Marriage is too huge a word. When I was small I thought marriage was just simply a grandeur ceremony, beautiful gown and tux, great wedding photos.

Errr well something similar.

When I was old enough to understand the pre-wedding “procedures” i.e. dating, my mindset switched in such a way that those in a relationship are either in it forever, or they break up. As if marriage doesn’t exist. As if they can continue doing their sweet mushy PDA stuff forever without having to consider about in-laws.

Slowly, marriage turns into cleaning dishes, washing laundry, cooking “warm healthy nutritious” meals, cleaning the house, feeding the baby wtf. Also it means merging of 2 families (while wishing please may the parents and siblings get along), sharing income, worrying about economic recession, having to pay loans, buy electrical appliances and furnitures, arguments, etc. etc. etc.

Responsibility, tiredness and lots of kachings.

In short, a horror story.

Blek! I’m too young to appreciate the intricacies and complexity of this “adult” thing. For now, I shall just continue with my child-like selfish behaviour. If I ever do get married, I’m probably being offered an extremely ludicrous amount of salary by a ludicrous man to cook, clean the house, and share the burden of worrying about whatever married couples worry about.

Har har.