United Buddy Bears @ Pavilion KL

by zee

At the grand entrance of Pavilion KL you will see hundreds of colourful bears with different expressions and coats, raising up their hands, welcoming you. They even queue down to the valet parking entrance!

These bears are known as United Buddy Bears, and each bear represents a country.

United Buddy Bears

I’ve already went twice and still I didn’t have enough of it! There are more than 100 bears here, and visits to each bear is sort of like visiting to the country! Imagine travel around the world without needing your passport! XD

Malaysia bear


Personally Malaysia’s bear is so¬†Malaysia – the 3 4 major races (Sikh, Chinese, Malay, Indian) and an Orang Utan; Rafflesia; wau; all-year-round summer! And what’s with the sneakers -.-;

Some of the interesting ones:


Kyrgyzstan - so ethnic! I love!


Georgia - send a letter to my heart!


France - OMG so elegant so beautiful! <3


Poland - love the colours and cartoons!


Russia - reminds me of fierce tiger wife hahaha XD




Greece - note the golden Olympic leaf crown on its head.


Many bears have women on them. My friend wondered whether it represents fertility. And then she related their bodies with today’s beauty standards, with most of the (skinny) women in Asia, why is it that we appreciate skins and bones/fit toned muscles more than voluptuous bodies?

But… but… memang pretty mah.

Cigar from Cuba!

Who doesn't love, doesn't live

Golden Rule & Ethics Bear