Melon hair & 3rd day of 4th sem

by zee

My new hairdo somewhat reminds me of this:

But of course much cuter la. Like this:

Someone has given me the encouragement to go with pixie cut. Thanks. See me with that hair next year around this time.


Had a long talk with roomie it’s like already 2.15am now and I didn’t get anything done zzz what an achievement.

I’m not gonna tell you what we talked about la (oh but I can tell you about this guy who’s like damn frickin’ annoying he doesn’t get serious and I decide not to layan him much unless he gets serious lol) but I just wanna say that:

  1. Everyone has stories, it’s whether you are able to korek em out lol, and whether you’re willing to listen. I still have to learn that first skill!
  2. In every story, there are different perspectives. Sometimes what you see on the surface is not what is going on underneath.
  3. That everyone has their insecurities, and all they need is the push – the rest is up to them.


Had my first German class! OMG so damn frickin’ cool I can tell you my name in German (Ich heiβe Zee) and I can ask you for your name (Wie heiβen Sie?)!!! Yeah baby that’s gonna be my pick-up line for those German guys. Maybe I can ask them to belanja me an authentic Black Forest cake, or buy me a cuckoo clock, something, haha. Or at least a free meal at Marsche…?

And then I just remembered, how am I gonna fit in my English class next academic year? Do I have enough room for it?! >__< I thought I’ve given much thought already but apparently I don’t think far enough >___< But I don’t wanna give up German cuz I’m soooo up for the challenge! I wanna flirt with German guys!!! >__<

Oh yeah speaking of that, I’m the only Chinese who is not taking Veterinary Pharmacy. According to my roomie (because I’m too unapproachable???) I became sort of like a legend whoaaaa high level witch I should be awarded with a Mana potion of some sort? She said some of em came to ask her how I’m like in the room, what we talk about, do I make magic potions?

Why you guys so cute wan. No wonder no girlfriend.

Errrrr does doing things you wanna do, even if it’s not mainstream, makes you super? o_O And do I really look that horrible that they prefer to ask my roomie instead of me personally T__T Not like I’ll eat you I prefer fish hands down T__T My pimples don’t bite either T__T


I know of this girl virtually on FB (but I’ve seen her in real life la) and I’ve never really talked to her but I’ve NEVER met anyone as 38/addicted to FB/SS as her before. I think I’m becoming more SS as well zzz not good -.-; 38ness aside, I really admire her. Cili padi does great stuff *salute