The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

by zee

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011) from solitudo on Vimeo

What I really like about this short film is how it describes so delicately and so perfectly the goodness of reading, how it enriches and brighten up one’s life. Note how the colours of the characters in the Flying Books world change when they enter the 2D-looking library!

I absolutely love the part where Mr. Lessmore revives that poor old book! Reminds me of how I used to jaga my books so prettily (I still do), so much so that sometimes I placed too much emphasis on taking care of the books in super good condition instead of reading it. Treat your books with love, care and respect!

It has fantastic music OMG. I quite like “Pop!” Goes the Weasel  song! :) OMG the Humpty Dumpty book’s playing is totally GENIUS. Super looooooooove the book <3 It’s a very creative way to bring out an object’s emotions without too personifying it, which somehow may render it un-human. I wonder how many pages it has?

A few things I like about Mr. Lessmore: he writes in English but reads in French. (Read what he wrote on his book!) Also I soooooooo love the idea of sleeping on a book OMG I’m soooooo gonna get myself a book bed in the future (if there’s such thing).

Malaysian government should use this for the Baca campaign haha :P