Classic earfoods

by zee

I miss my piano a lot a lot a lot <3

When I was preparing for my diploma exam, I practiced about 4 hours a day, and would congratulate myself for able to stretch to 6 hours. Practicing the same 4 songs over and over again is exhausting. Your ears, especially, can’t take it. It’s as if they’ve developed tolerance for that $^%#@ part you tried to perfect that they can’t differentiate whether you’ve improved or not.

During those piano days, when I couldn’t stand practicing anymore, I would tell myself, when all these are over, I’ll be free from pianooooo yayyyy. It sounded like a motivation for me to continue. But sometimes piano seems like my second soulmate, as if I couldn’t live without it. At one point I wanted to be a performer LOL  perasan sangat tak tau sendiri punya ability XD

As for now, I seldom play the piano when I’m at home, I think it’s cuz there aren’t many challenging (but still manageable) pieces for me to play. (Errr more like I’m lazy to practice and find songs lol.) Somehow I find contemporary/modern  pieces to be… boring? Zzzz don’t stone me please.

Modern mainstream(?) pieces don’t possess the delicateness classical pieces have (Yiruma?). Did you realise that when you associate memories to pop songs, you actually associate it with the lyrics instead of the music itself? In classical music, the emotions and messages are hidden so carefully within and in between the tauge notes, that with the wrong amount pressure and speed you either a) mess up the whole thing or b) find yourself in the place you want to be.

In a way, you are not supposed to  approach the music; instead, let the music come and surround you. It will talk to you so soothingly into your ears, the most comforting words, and bring you to dreamland.

Talk like a professor but I’ve never experienced such stuff, hahaha :P