by zee

  1. So I’m designing a banner of 4ft x 6ft, which has the potential of being printed out and displayed OMG so proud of myself lolol. The file is so frickin huge I had to take like average 1 min to make a change (be it add text, layers etc.) and around 10 mins? to save it zzz.
  2. Yeah 10 mins in my world is a looong time. I didn’t want to leave my Chilli open the whole night, I think it has suffered enough heat these few days (thank you banner), so I would have to wait for the file to be saved. I could just lay on my bed and wait for 10 mins, but I fall asleep within 5 mins so yeah that’s why I have to wait for it.
  3. I want I want I want to buy an ebook reader OMG. I haven’t done much research yet as I still am not in a hurry to own one. Also I’m thinking whether I should get a tablet instead. Or a smart phone. Grrrr expensive shiny toy <3
  4. Was at QB to celebrate a friend’s birthday last week. Before and after watching Fist of Dragon (even the fighting scenes gave me the wrong adrenaline rush; I’m s’posed to feel nervous not restless -.-; ) we hung around Borders. They had their 70% discounted book sales again OMG that’s where I spend RM50 1Malaysia book voucher.
    Ok laaa so the books weren’t in excellent condition and I already have sooo many unread books but it doesn’t matter :3
  5. Also on that day, we sang K, our first late night K sesh. Somehow, although I always stay up late doing work studying getting lost while surfing, I couldn’t seem to muster up enough energy and enthusiasm for that singing session. I could actually sleep with Chinese pop music at the background lol.
  6. I wonder if I am with the wrong company; or that I have passed the K phase? XD
  7. After weeks of sore throat (since MyLDS 2012 in Feb) I finally got better whee!
  8. A few days later lol I was at QB again with Smay, this time to help her spend her RM200. I browsed around Popular and spotted a book on lomography <3 OMG I soooo wanna get an analogue right that instant
  9. which made me home sick, cuz I think we still have a functioning analogue camera hiding somewhere XD
  10. What is 人文气质?
  11. I would like to say that I become more critical in my thinking (perasan), or do you call it cynical/realistic? Like, for example, my coursemates went to McD today for dinner because the McValue meal deals are also available for dinner. Friends thought that it’s an amazing deal. I thought it was just a tactic to increase sales. Friend said that it made them want to eat there more yay ho liao. I thought that it was only with the deals that they think they want to eat more but in actual fact, if the price were to maintain they won’t have the desire to eat there.
    Ah oh well. Conflict of ideas.
  12. Woohoo I went to the office 4 times to ask for the same cert; 4 times the PIC is not around zzz good efficiency, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  13. Really, if I have the courage and thickness of skin, I would love to have a meal with the lecturers, hahaha >___< For 2 times that I went for supper, 2 times I saw my (ex-)lecturer. Many of my coursemates complained that he’s a terrible horrible scary vegetable but honestly, I sorta like his way of teaching (more smiles please) cuz he wants an interactive class, which he (we) fail(s) miserably. I would say he’s quite a good lecturer though. All lecturers in that department are nice :)
  14. It’s been 1 hour and the file isn’t saved yet zzzzzz I wanna keeeeel.
  15. Oh apparently I didn’t tell you that I’m taking (Malay) traditional dance as my ko-k! Hahaha so it’s not like I have exceptionally soft flowing gentle movements but perhaps at the end of the course I’ll be less of a tomboy and am more willing to get long hair? XD
  16. Ok seriously I can’t tahan. I need to sleep now. Chilli I’ll let you heat to death. Goodnight.