Lonely Alcoholic, Mika

by zee

How do you know that you’re behaving selfishly?

What is the limit of sacrificing yourself for a person? An event? An object?

Is it possible for one to be selfish to one person but not selfish to yourself at the same time?

Is that question even valid?

How do you know that you’re taking things for granted?

How do you know that one is saying the whole truth? How do you that it is the truth? Else, how do you make him/her tell the truth without being too aggressive/annoying?


I’d been anticipating to go back home this week. Not that I really miss home laa but I’ve been waiting to see hot air balloons at the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya! I did a large scale promotion on FB, announcing to the world that TWZ might be going back home for balloons, and invited everyone to join me for balloon-watching.

And hellooooo I’m still in PG wtf cuz there are too many things I had to do – piling assignments, studies OMG I slept in almost every class this week lol, AIESEC stuff. 2 things are enough to keep me busy busy busy.

I was walking on the street, and I saw people carrying luggage going towards the bus stop, and for once I had this sourish sad feeling.

Actually it’s more like unable to execute my plan la, not really cuz I miss home that much LOL. But my friend’s tweet really touched me :) I think she also texted me something similar! I thought it was funny (as if I would do something stupid lol) but then I am really really touched with what she has done :)


There are so many things in the world I wanna do. I feel so greedy for wanting to do all of them. I don’t think I would mind splitting myself up to fulfill these.

I should write down a bucket list or something like that yeah?


To-do list: (to let you know I’m a busy busy busy superwoman girl)

  1. BM assignment – due last week, didn’t hand in cuz I totally forgot about it -.-;
  2. 2 lab reports, one due next week
  3. Study study study OMG feel so dumb
  4. AIESEC EB application
  5. Spam walls on FB
  6. Spam people’s inboxes
  7. Drown my eyes in the Net’
  8. Crack my head, do art & craft
  9. Get necessary groceries! >__<

Oh one thing about my current role in the organising committee of an event: I’m doing things that are against my principle i.e. spamming lolol. Thank you AIESEC for giving me the platform to expand my potential, you make me realise that humans are willing to do almost anything in order to hit the goal LOLWTF.