OK la so tonight I’ll just say one thing.

by zee

I initially have a few stuff to announce but I need sleep -.-; So here’s a quick but high quality post from me XD


FB stalk is one of my hobbies of which I’ve honed to the highest level. Yesss I’m like a professional in it. Everyday I stalk at least one or two people, but when the day/night gets a little boring and I’m too lazy to do anything nutritional, I stalk others, as far as friends’ friends.

Stalk priority are as follow:

  1. People who are closest to me cuz they deserve my precious *cough time!
  2. Famous people who are stuck permanently on my Newsfeed, but that I don’t mind having him/her on it.
  3. Couples wtf.

I like couples, especially PDA couples. They are lovable cuz they make me laugh.

I think appropriate public display of affection (PDA) is really cute and sweet. It’s as if these couples are immersed in their sweet cotton candy world and they still allow outsiders to have a small taste of it. (Yes that’s why excess PDA is nauseatic, excess sugar rush.) PDA also serves as one of my sources of online entertainment for me. It makes me LOL. Like, seriously. I don’t need 9gag hahaha. (But keep the cold jokes comin’ thanks.)

Like, for example, I saw this guy posted up a cute Totoro bento. So the gf commented “very cute looks yummy can you make one for me?” and the guy said “Ok sure how much are you willing to pay?” and the gf said “Anything ^^” and the guy said “OK I’ll make this for you everyday for the rest of your life ^^” and they ^^ at each other.

Like, for example, I saw another guy posted on the gf’s wall that he wanna go vacation together with her and the gf posted up a Youtube video (didn’t bother to check it out) and the guy a bit bushuang liddat then the gf said “whenever you’re free and I’m not free vice versa how can we vacay together” then the guy merajuk and the girl also like 无奈 *shrugs as if life treated them not so well.

Also this 2nd couple likes to post random messages on each other’s wall coupled with ♥ and sweet faces while typing (I can imagine that) and sometimes their friends kacau them and I like seeing their reactions HAHAHA so farnee.

An example of overboard PDA is when this guy keeps posting ♥ and kisses on his wall and the gf come respond but the problem is the ♥ and kisses are like once every 12 hours LOL and they’re stuck on my Newsfeed not like I disapprove of ♥ but I don’t need so much ♥ on my Newsfeed -.-; I’d prefer more ForeverAlone guy please thank you. Mr. FA is a good guy. He makes me laugh just by sitting on the see-saw FA. But I hope you stay FA. HAHA <3

Seriously I’m like so biantai wtf I can’t tahan myself -.-;

So now you know what I do on FB, I shall restraint from doing such stuff myself LOL (or at least publicly) or else damn no face weih!

Ok yay done I shall now go sleep zzz 8AM class tomorrow -.-; Thanks WP you’re a great cathartic platform for me LOL.