Let me tell you a story about D.

by zee

I have Fish Leong’s teeth lolol! What’s with the video I langsung tak faham -__-;;

Fish Leong’s 对不起我爱你 reminds me of someone sorta kinda special to me.

I shall call this person D.

D is like a big warm fuzzy bear. With D you’ll feel secure and protected. I don’t know why. I mean, all we did was walk and talk. D didn’t stand in front of a car and stopped it from hitting me wtf *touchwood

D and I, we didn’t talk anything deep. I, for one, am incapable of initiating deep conversation, unless you mean the intellectually-torturing ones. Unless the other party initiates it. D, well, probably I still am too hostile and cold and unfriendly to be approached with deep things? Haha! But yes, it was very shallow between us. So I don’t know how D is really like underneath. D might or might not be naughty/selfish/bias/lazy/funny/serious, I don’t know.

Well I believe I looked really cold and hostile and unfriendly back then. D wasn’t the first person to talk to me, but it was D who made me thought that I should give this place and the people here a chance.

D is really nice. Like, really really really nice. The nicest bear I mean person you would ever met in your life. Trust me on this. Belanja you McFlurry Horlicks Crunch if I’m wrong. But anyways. D is really nice. D has great sense of responsibility, treats others with humility and respect, is mature and hardworking. Despite being a big bear, D sometimes gives you the impression of a child, but D is still essentially a BIG bear inside. Where on earth can you meet a person like this? Now you owe me one McFlurry.

D is so nice that sometimes I thought there was something beyond.

It was so close to Beyond, but there was this indescribable barrier between D and I. It was this barrier that prevented anything deeper than acquaintanceship/friendship. But people had been saying things, and as curious as I was, I couldn’t extract any valuable information from their mouths. (I was and still am too shy to ask D.) Or maybe there weren’t any valuable information at all; maybe it was just out of pure fun. But I would like to believe them, even though there was nothing Beyond. (That was before; now I don’t bother anymore la haha, relax!)

It wasn’t a wish for something to happen, because Beyond wasn’t reached, but I guess subconsciously I wanted something, anything, to happen, to end this perfectly with a period and not a comma,

Oh yes, the song.

I don’t know how that song got associated with D. No, my story doesn’t match the lyrics at all. (And besides I don’t think it deserves the term “story”?) But almost everyday when I came back home I would sing this song in my head, especially when D was the last person I encountered. Very naturally. As if the melody was composed out of D’s voice/body contour LOLWTF/smile/eyes/big bear-ness.

I hadn’t thought of D for a long long time though, since I no longer see D (almost) everyday. Now that I thought of D as I listened to the song, I might as well record this down as an unfulfilled(?) wish :) Perhaps this would be a perfect end to this imperfection, period.

Eh wtf I feel so paiseh now -__-;; What if it was just me being perasan -__-;; No face dy -__-;;

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