Pre-end-of-exam depression

by zee

Exam so far was so-so. The paper today was pretty cryptic. While I’m really good at beating around the bushes, deciphering codes ain’t my strong point. So. *shrugs 2 more to go!!!

I have have have to come up here and post something I’m not here to talk about exams I’m here to talk about

1. I miss the touch the smell the texture the looks the ZOMGORGASM I get when I read :((((

Without brain food, life is a miserable string of simple kindergarten words :( Bombastic words make me happy and I’m not using any :(

World’s saddest moment besides not being with Mr. AZ when he’s around :((((


2. I think my laptop is a bit insane. It can no longer scroll downwards on the keypad, the Dell dock is somehow conked out for no reason. What’s wrong with you dear lappie, don’t I treat you well enough :((((

3. Everyone around me is going everwhere else.

(I’m not that fond of Taiwan hence I’m not posting up Taiwan hahaha.)

Speaking of Gan Su that day I was having my lunch at a hawker centre. I was having frickin’ spicy tom yam fried rice and the TV above me was broadcasting a travel show to Gan Su, and the hosts were eating Lan Zhou beef ramen, I was like, sh*t wtf am I eating this.

Life is so unfairrrrrrrrrrrr #depression

I shall lock myself in my house and gorge myself with, err, apples. Zzzz.

Ok I should stop my mind from wandering around lol. This unbalanced thing is catching up with me zzz.