Long post post-exam

by zee

As usual, finals got the better of me. That explains the super frickin’ depressed nearly suicidal capable-of-breaking-hearts me. I do agree that Eez Niw is a pretty scary person. The cage and lock weren’t functioning that well, you see. Sorry if I hurt you, Win Zee was well aware of Eez Niw and wanted to stop her but Eez Niw got in control :'( But now I’m happy again yay! :D

Well the reason for the appearance of Eez Niw was that Win Zee got so so so so super scared of weird subjects. Last semester it was Medicinal Chemistry. Wtf waking up at 3.30AM together with my room mate due to fear and unable to finish reading the whole syllabus. Didn’t even know how we passed the paper wtf. At the end of the semester I finally understood the point of this subject wtf.

This (past) semester it was Pharmacognosy I and Endocrine System & Metabolism. Pharmacognosy I is about production of herbal medicines. Only during study week did I understand the purpose of microbial limit test, ash content etc #fail. Endocrine is straightforward – we learned about the major hormones in the body and abnormalities that it could cause if they turned haywire. What was difficult was to cramp everything into your brain.

On that day itself, after exams, a bunch of us went to Jelutong pasar malam and compensate the past few weeks with really awesome good food. Duck egg char koay teow OMIGOD <3, soft springy muachee, gooooooood lobak cake, sushi lolol, and DURIANDURIANDURIANDURIAN <3 You don’t know how long I’ve been craving for DURIANDURIANDURIAN. For the past 1.5 months I’ve seen people selling eating durian around the campus. I even smell durian in the hostel wtf but I don’t get to eat  it CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THE FRUSTRATION??? T___T And it felt like blissssss to eat durian with a bunch of happy people :))))

The next day, after settling some stuff, I went to Georgetown for some shopping. Bought a few movies, and walked to Chow Rasta market for (expensive) second-hand books! #satisfaction

Aaaand I realised I do have this movie in my laptop wtf.

Bought this partly because of Anne Hathaway :) I think she’s great!

The Secret World of Arrietty

Note to self: be more resourceful. Ask people.

As for the books:

I’m reading this right now! It’s about New York from mid-1660′ up to 911, from Independence War to Civil War ad Wall Street crash. 47 pages into it and still looks good. Resolution: to finish 1020 pages this holidays wtf.

Our History lessons should be taught in a more creative way. Not fictionalise or dramatise it but, you know, twist the presentation style! Sigh Malaysians. So boring lol.

I really love NY. As extreme as Japan. Good place for people-observing!

And another book of which the title I’ve forgotten lol. It’s composed of short stories, translated from some language.

After that I walked to Armenian street, where the Georgetown Festival 2012 was held.

Georgetown Festival is a month-long event organised to commemorate the city’s inscription into UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. It’s a celebration of art, heritage and culture. This year it was held mainly in Armenian street, near Weld Quay, but there are events in Gurney Drive and Batu Ferringghi.

We only went to the handmade market in Yap Kongsi. There are artwork made of beans, products made of tatting, commercialised not-that-unique handmade vintage-lomo-ish stuff, sock puppet-looking dolls, soap, artwork by underprivileged citizens etc. Nothing too amazing but it’s quite eye opening ! There are stuff that I didn’t know existed e.g. tatting! The lady was also tatting there, I was soooo amazed at the patterns created! It’s very intricate and delicate! Hmmmm, a tatted bag would be really pretty.

We were finding for that famous bicycle mural along the street but couldn’t find. In the end we visited Khoo Kongsi, which was one of the more famous clan associations in Penang. We couldn’t enter the clanhouse, but even the exterior was magnificent enough. I especially like the errrr designs on the roof, there were mini houses on top of the roof, and on top of the mini houses were the sky, as if there were many heavens :)

Khoo Kongsi, taken by my friend.

This is the famous mural by Ernest Zacharevic! Can be found in Armenian st., heard it was really hidden though!

This half-day walk in Georgetown really made me like this city more! You could see that the government really have deep deep love for this city, and have the passion to not just focus on developing it, but also to preserve the core of it. That is what the locals have been trying to hard to keep, and what made the tourists come back for more. DBKL learn from them la! Don’t destroy Jalan Sultan! -.-;

Which brings me to my next point: I gotta get my camera fixed wtf.

After the 2 days of enjoyment I’m finally back home :) So happyyyy. It’s been a long time since I came back! <3 Til September, Penang!