by zee

I wanna read but I also need to get out and run. Getting too fat (&^$#@.

1. Went to Ranau, Sabah for Baktisiswa for 5D 2N. Awesome trip. Will talk about it later.

2. Had quite a memorable day travelling from Sabah to UUM for NatCon 2012. Will talk about it later.

3. Something that I’ve been reading throughout my trip(s). It started off with Henry Lee standing among the crowd in front of Panama Hotel, where the new owner reveal what had been hiding there all along for 40+ years – remnants of memories of Japanese families during the war times.

The story weaved in and out the past and present. Henry had to endure bullies by the kids in his all-white school, while unable to speak to his family as his parents only allows him to speak in English even though they don’t understand. His father was obsessed with the Japan-China war back home, and wanted his son to grow up American.

Keiko Okabe became his friend when she entered the same school. Together they endured the bullies, and at the same time enjoyed Oscar Holden’s jazz music. After Keiko and her family are evacuated to internment camps, she and Henry could only hope for the better future, that they both can meet each other again.

Actually I haven’t finish reading. Not exactly my cup of tea la, I would prefer another way of presentation. For me, this is a bit too bland :O Still thinking whether I should continue, haha :P


ZOMG The Amazing Spider-Man is worth watching. No need for plot summary eh?

The movie is very human. Every character (or at least the main ones) are not just any dumb Dick, Joe or Harry. Besides being a science geek, Peter loves skateboarding. He developed an automatic mechanism for his room lock wtf. He’s smart enough to sneak into Oscorp disguising as Rodrigo lolwtf. He is a teenager and has typical teenage temper. He’s like someone you’ll meet some time, somewhere.

And Mary-Jane Gwen Stacey is not just some screaming girlfriend. She’s smart, cute, and takes the initiative to invite Peter for a branzino dinner wtf. And instead of screaming, she helped Peter to save the world. Like, seriously, why would Peter dump Gwen for MJ??? #badtaste

This review describes my feelings and thoughts to the dot.

And, really, both of them are so deliciouswtf OMG Andrew <3

I also love the part where Peter getting bitten by the spider is totally logical, as well as the transformation of the Lizard. However I find the split personality of the Lizard a bit weird la, I don’t really see the link o_O Brush that up a bit and we’ll have a better-than-decent movie :D