Pulau Perhentian

by zee

I just realised that I have so many things that I didn’t update you dear bloggie, and one of ’em is this trip to Pulau Perhentian.

(Speaking of trips, I actually have manymany trips that I didn’t blog about zomg #lousyblogger.)

The trip was in April, during our mid-semester break. Most of us went straight to Terengganu from Penang, taking a night bus wtf the scare of my life driver drove so frickin’ fast in the middle of the night as if it’s invincible wtf.

Thank goodness we reached Kuala Terengganu safely *kiss the ground.


We missed our stop.

It was 5-frickin-am when we reached KT. We scrambled to look for transport, luckily didn’t kena con by taxis and buses thanks to Hon Kit’s daily subscription to web service!

Fun bus ride.

After we met up with Deffrey, Hee Geok and Shu Wei + the guy who err operates our accommodation (Boss), off we go to Pulau Perhentian!

Along the way.

It took about 2 hours+ for us to reach our island!

Yesss the sea water is THAT clear zomg.

Super excited Oong Chi San.

View from our room.

Was reading Incendiary by Chris Cleave. Great book.

Poser Wong Hon Kit.

Photographer + Organiser Deffrey.

The next day we went to Pulau Redang, which was about 30 minutes from Pulau Perhentian.

The first thing you see, at your left hand corner, is this:

More More Tea Inn!

Built specially for the movie More More Tea :D

More More Tea Inn!

Deffrey + Hee Geok.

Hee Geok is a really special girl. It’s incredible how she seems to blend into us so seamlessly, and yet can remain so child-like at the same time. She was my roommate during then, we didn’t talk much, but I like her :D

After we got bored of the place, we explored the beach. Actually we were supposed to have a snorkeling trip there, due to the strong wind and dark clouds, we had to abandon that trip. So we went for a photoshoot.

Hon Kit getting really excited over my wet towel o_O

This was what he used it for wtf. Credits to Deffrey!

Oong Chi San’s usage of the wet towel. Credits to Deffrey!

Redang was also the place I last saw my darling camera alive and smiling at me :(((

We had 4 snorkelling trips for 3D2N. Snorkelling is fun la. Live and dead corals lol, fishes, sharks, shellfishes. Tony could actually capture clown fishes with his goggles!!!

I remember very well one trip in Redang Marine Park, where it was very colourful, so full of life. As the sea bed goes deeper and deeper you start to wonder what lies out there. And you (OK maybe just me) just want to swim over there, dive downdowndown, and check things out.

But besides it was nothing much la for me. Land, sea or air, animals and plants aren’t my kinda thing after all, hahaha.

Thank you tour guide Tony for this beautiful photo!

When it was low tide, Tony brought us to see clown fishes + corals zomg so cute, and blue tears! I don’t know what’s its proper name. According to _____ (wtf forgot who dy) it’s actually a very common microorganism that exists in beaches, and it glows in the very very dark. Since the night was brightly lit up by the moon♥ so we dug seaweeds instead hahaha. And zomg we saw them!!! They are soooo tinytinytiny, and they only glowed (blue!!!) for a few seconds lol.

IMO the best part of the trip was to see the full moon light up the beach. And stars zomg have you seen full moon with stars. Filled me with awe. The sky is more mesmerising than clown fishes lol.

Credits to Deffrey again!

This is only 50% of the beauty. The best camera is still our eyes mind and heart :)

Let’s go to the beach yo!