What I do on a lazy Sunday

by zee

29/7/2012, Sunday, 12.50PM.

1. Went for a hike in the morning. Some grocery shopping after that. Read the newspaper – but not of the news. I’ve been quite out of touch with what’s going on with world and Malaysia. Realised we missed out so much from the broadcast of opening ceremony of London Olympics 2012 last night D: Gonna dig out some new albums and movies on the Net *oops.

2. My inboxes are void of important mails. So niiice #lazyboss


Am reading 一个人的圣经 (One Man’s Bible) by Gao Xingjian. Zomg was so happy when I found the Chinese copy in the library. Then realised I could actually read it online lolol but nothing beats the feeling of the holding smelling a tangible book! :) I’m so #addicted to the book that I didn’t want to put this down whenever I’m reading this wtf.

Another book that I’m reading right now. My first attempt in historical novel. Good to see that history lessons is presented in an enjoyable way! I start to wonder whether I can finish this by this holiday zzz, so frickin’ thick, the spine is already wrinkled, not my fault #innocent.

5. Been playing Bejeweled a lot too wtf #addicted.

6. Was stumbleupon-ing when I stumbled upon this band Bastille, a British indie pop rock band. It’s been a long time since I listen to something indie. Soooo refreshing from the usual pop I’ve been listening all these while! It’s like pop with an edge, softer rock.

7. I should also let my delicate fingers have some exerciseeh.

Credits to whoever taken this photo

8. Eating wtf.