Right now

by zee

Time: 3.12AM

Location: Dining table at home

Surroundings: Journal, cellphone, 2 mugs, 1 bowl+spoon, bread, camera, HDDs, container with papaya and torn-up brochure (don’t ask), metal ruler, nail clipper, bars of soap, a small container of chilli in soy sauce

Listening to: Wall fan right in front on top of me; ceiling fan in the living room; clock ticking

Current state:

Physical Filled up. Sleepy. Eyelids drooping. Shoulder (left) pain. Dry mouth.

Emotional Apathy? Mixed? Dunno.

Mental Tangle scribble gibberish. Some of the words I can figure out from the wordy mess: Love at first ____. Wtf. Privacy. Why. Growing up. Complicated. Sleepy. Guilt. 99. Star-crossed. 18. Young. Yoko-yoko. Massageeeeee. Differentiate. Water. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. What is. Caring. Please. Happy. Self. 5oo Days of Summer. Overlook. Phase. Intersection. 5. Innocence. Deception. Fear. Adulthood. Childhood. Relief. Wait. Emotionless. Respect. Change. Single. Third. Disbelief. Criteria. Minimum. OTT. Needs. Desire. Annoyed. When.

Need Comb/ graphology/ interpreter. Also: Yoko-yoko/massage. Bed/sleep.

Desire Slim. Clarity. Pimple-free. Early bedtime.

3.37AM. Good night, world.