I assure you that this is the good stuff because it’s random enough to keep you wonder wtf is this all about.

by zee

Actually, I’m quite sleepy now. 1.56AM. Lol. I’ve been talking about updating my blog for like the past few days and yet I didn’t lol. I really should update so that I feel that I’ve done something in the middle of the night instead of stalking FB while thinking of something better to do wtf.

#1 Had a road trip with the family to southern Peninsular during the Raya holidays. Stumbled upon RM2 shop in Rompin, Johor. Family gone crazy (not me). Bought many tubes of Cream-o. Stuffed some into our tummies.

Also comes in chocolate flavour.

Cream-o looks like Oreo but doesn’t taste like Oreo. Despite their names and taste, I don’t think you should compare them because both are delicious in their own way. Cream-o really isn’t that bad. Malaysia boleh!

As I was typing this, I searched for the company that produces Cream-o. I’m gonna call them and give them a BIG compliment. I don’t think they receive other forms of compliments other than increasing sales numbers.

#2 Accidentally stalked someone’s photos on FB. I think I should get a Stitch patung or something. It would be fun to camwhore with Stitch, or let Stitch be the subject, just in case I don’t look my best wtf.

Spongebob not mine. I no like Spongebob.

#2.1 This was taken in Dalian (like 1 year+ ago lol) on a fine boring day (I don’t think China has rained during July – August 2011 lolol) with nothing to do, nowhere to go. One of the interns told us that he’d found this place during one of his “walks”, so he brought us along. Climbed a frickin’ steep hill with fear wtf, every step nearer to death wtf. Goat(?) dung everywhere. A very fierce guard dog. An open smelly toilet. But the view of the dam was magnificent :)

#3 After what happened about 2 weeks ago (shhh, cannot tell), I am inspired to conduct a mini social research. This is definitely not the first time, conducting a mini survey/research I mean. The first time was when I was in secondary school. I don’t remember what it was exactly about, probably something to do with love, e.g. “What’s the difference between love/like/crush” lolol. It was pre-FB era, when everyone was still using Friendster and leaving testimonials on walls profiles. I don’t remember where I’ve placed the answers though #lousyresearcher

As one grows older mature, one tends to want to know more, deeper and better about a certain topic – and, in my case, about the person’s story of this subject. I’m not good in fishing information wtf but I’m gonna try. I probably have 3 qualified respondents in my hands already, mwahaha. Gonna get myself deep in trouble but hey, this will keep me amuse for quite a while.

#4 I have a feeling you can chart my hormone levels based on the what I post in this blog wtf.

#5 Work tomorrow :( Don’t like work :( I’m currently working as a tele-surveyor, where I call people up the computer randomly dials a foreign number and conduct a short survey with the respondents – that is, if they are willing to. The part that I don’t like the most would be repeating the introduction for probably 50 times (not exaggerating) for 4 hours. Not complaining about the pay la but. The fun part is #stalking people’s houses on Google Earth lol!

#6 I always always ALWAYS wonder what goes on in the minds of people who are so cheerful in real life but so emo in virtual space. Or of those people who seem to be in a good mood 24/7. Are they truly happy? So curious about them. I will have this urge to come up with a strategy – to narrow down the distance between me and that “interesting” person(s), then slowly fish out the interesting emo details. Emo-ness actually hypes me up wtf. Gets the adrenaline going. Like building my happiness on others’ sadness wtf I should see a psychiatrist lolol.