The places people bring you to

by zee

People can be so generous. The moment you are willing to commit to a relationship that consists more than saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’, you’re automatically invited to their personal wagon to tour around the world – free of charge. Or so it seems.

They bring you up to the highest mountains and down to the deepest abyss.

Up in the sky, you could be a piece of cotton-candy cloud. You float around in the sky. You can sing a song, smile at the Earth, diffuse away when the wind blows, and conjure again into a cloud, and diffuse away again.

Or you become a rain droplet. You come down from the grey, thick, heavy cumulus cloud from the dark sky, down you go! Follow the magnet of gravity! Down you come, down to the ground! Hit the ground as hard! And splishsplash, or tictoc, you are broken up into smaller droplets, and these smaller droplets drop to the ground and being absorbed, or flown away. Physically speaking, you “disappear”. And then later, when you want to gather all these droplets, you can’t anymore. You don’t even know where to find them.

They can bring you to Paris, or Venice, or Provence, or Mauritius. Oh the joy, the beauty, the bliss, the happiness. Or they can bring you to the war-torn countries in the Middle East, or the famine-stricken countries in Africa. You don’t want to go through that, but there you are.

You can watch the full moon with them on the beach, listen to the waves softly hitting the shore, the sounds of other people that come on and off. Let the moonlight bathe you, enjoy its caress on your salty skin your tousled hair your happy face. Look at the dark black sea extending on and on and beyond and not thinking about the edge of beyond, thinking and not thinking about peace and forever. Or you can stand in between two people arguing shouting screaming crying throwing things all over hitting biting fighting going insane.

You can always choose to stand up and out from the wagon at any time, and thank them for the wonderful journey, or you can sit through it and anticipate where they might bring you next.

Isn’t it amazing the places people bring you to? Sometimes you wonder whether it’s worth the effort at all.