Before I die, I want to ____

by zee

I have this tendency of getting detached from the physical world and think in a personal level. Is that the correct way to phrase this? When I walk on the streets, when I watch people, when I talk to strangers and friends and family, when I run – I think about them.

Here’s a rough outline of my thought process:

  1. Where are they going?
  2. Where did they come from?
  3. How much do they love themselves?
  4. What is it about themselves that they don’t like / have no confidence on?
  5. What is the secret that they don’t tell others?
  6. What do they think of their lives?
  7. Are they really happy with their lives?
  8. If they are happy – what is it about their lives that they like so much?
  9. If they aren’t – why didn’t they change it? How could they stand living in a life they’re not happy with? If they did change, what happened?
  10. Do they ever think about life and death, people relationship in depth?
  11. Have they done anything that they regret in their lives?

I really don’t like doing this much thinking but it’s an ongoing process T__T

When I look at the working class – no happiness on their faces, look blankly at you and then shifting their eyes away again when you give a slight smile at them. I fear. Is life really just like this? Work 9 to 5 on weekdays, stumble onto couch rest of the time of the day, talk of gossips and scandals and partners and kids and money – and die.

So what do you want to do before you die, so that life isn’t such a waste?