Happy birthday, me.

by zee

Colours of the Wind, Vanessa Williams

I figured I must’ve changed a lot these few years. People come, people go. They leave sweetness, bitterness, should-haves as they walk past. Some memories are easily retrievable, while some are left behind in one of the drawers and kept away behind my mind. Thought processes change.

Korean dinner at Korea Palace, Krystal Point

When changes occur to you, are you still you? You’re no longer the same as yourself a while ago. Change is gradual, you probably don’t notice it – but you are definitely different from your past you. I don’t think the analogy of orange applies here, because 1. you’re not an orange 2. ripening is a good thing, but change is not necessary a good thing.

Matchi, Red Velvet Cake, coursemates and 12AM surprise!

What makes you uniquely you, makes the world worth it to have you here with the rest of them? Your strengths, weaknesses, skills, competencies, likes, dislikes, emotions, thought processes, skin elasticity, bone density etc. change as time goes by. What of you remains the same from the beginning of time?

Hot Apple dessert at Crepe Cottage, Gurney

Sometimes you don’t know what is the extent of change you should do to yourselves. How much should you change for your friends, family, lover, society? Why do you change for them? Is it because they want you to, or for a better future, or for peace and harmony, or…? How much change is sufficient? Is it possible to change 180 degrees of yourself? Is this change something deep within you, something you’ve finally discovered it; or is it externally induced? If you change, does that mean you’ve lost a bit of yourself? That at the end of time, you no longer belong to you yourself, but to the society? If you don’t belong to yourself anymore, then what is the point of change? Or do you not belong to yourself all along?

Four Platter at Gelatomio, First Avenue.
Clockwise from top left: Contreau Orange, Mint Chocolate Chip, Green Tea, Mango Yogurt

So many thoughts are running through my mind right now, some I prefer not to disclose publicly (does anyone reads this anyway, hellooo?). So I shall leave this just yet.

Complimentary espresso macchiato from the friendly Italian server!

Sad to say that my heart is filled with so much secrets confusion hatred(?) envy loneliness selfishness fear sadness, that there is too little space for love, happiness and gratitude, even on this special day. But I still want to thank all of you who made it a little bit more special than normal days.

Fuuvi juice box camera, my first lomo cam!

It would take some time before I figure out a way to unload all these unnecessary weight and replace them with light fluffy sweetness. I hope you will be patient and give me some time. If you don’t want to, it’s alright. Despite the bitterness, I understand if you want to leave. Really, I do.

Still, thank you.