Definition(s) of the T_T emoticon

by zee

Cannonball, Damien Rice

1. I am soooo running out of timeeeeeeee. Didn’t realise it’s already second week of October!!! That means the REAL DEAL will come soon in 7 DAYS!!! ZOMG!!! T_T Want to die ady T_T #delayedaction Should print out a calendar and stuck it in front of my glasses to remind myself always.

2. Will be meeting up with a very super honoured & important person next week ZOMG. I didn’t even wish for this T_T What kind of trouble did I bring myself into T_T

3. One lecturer knows my name! ZOMG not good lol T_T He has really comfy and warm office though! So this is how his home look like?

4. I am VERY behind my studies T_T Not good T_T

5. My juice box lomo camera is spoiled, the shutter wouldn’t close T_T I hope I can get a free replacement T_T

6. My desk is so messy I don’t even know where to start tidy up T_T I need 2 tables – 1 for Pharmacy, 1 for AIESEC lol.

7. Been eating a lot these days, even if I try very hard not to binge wtf. I’m getting fat T_T

8. My phone is frickin’ lag, even making calls take 30 seconds wtf T_T I wanna changeeeee T_T When will the RM200 voucher reach my handdddd T_T

9. Everyone on earth has a tablet. I’m still lugging a frickin’ heavy red laptop in my frickin’ big red laptop bag. Hunchback T_T

10. I wanna go for yoga or a jog but I can’t find the time or energy to do so T_T old dy T_T (DON’T FIND EXCUSES TWZ.)

11. I need a new pair of flats, something presentable in both casual and formal occasions. But I don’t have time to go to malls T_T

12. I don’t like the emo-ness and unhappiness that creeps up to me more and more frequently T_T I’m either thinking too much, or I’m demanding too much, or I’m getting too little; and I don’t know whether which is the correct one T_T

13. I’m not touching books reading fictions often enough T_T One of the reasons for me not being at peace with myself T_T I feel dumber day by day T_T

14. I’m curious, why aren’t my friends curious of what I’m doing in AIESEC? Not even my closer friends?? Do they not like me enough??? T_T So is this what people say by this journey of a leader is alone??? T_T Why do I see orang punya close close friend boleh jadi AIESEC punya unofficial BOA lolol T_T #envious

15. I I I I wanna watch movies on my laptop T_T Cute happy meaningful Studio Ghibli movies. I’ve been saying this since 6 weeks ago T_T

16. Life seems miserable when you procrastinate too much lol and don’t wake up early in the morning T_T