I want chocolate

by zee

I’m supposed to post something about balance the other day, but I already forgot what is it about balance that I wanted to post about.

I am craving for high calorie, sweet, flavourful food that also has good mouthfeel. Chocolates is a good idea. But I just finished mine (in the middle of the night yes). I think this is what stress does to me. Test is tomorrow. I’m stressed out not because of the test, but because I can’t concentrate, which is much worse than doing badly in the test :( (Which also explains the cacated nails T_T)

We have a new lecturer teaching us in Year 3. New as in, he has never taught us before. What I like about him is that he has really really good skin for a 60+ year-old (even colour skins wtf even I am envious), really really fit body (as in, muscular, fatless wtf), and really confident. I like the confidence of educated senior citizens, their confidence are built on the basis of experience and are so assured of themselves.

He tells jokes without laughing. I think he has repeated his joke for at least a few years, that’s why. He simply points at people to ask them to solve IQ questions in the next lecture. I think people have a sense of fear to him because he doesn’t smile, but they love him because he has set his expectations clearly in the first lecture.

He teaches on the whiteboard. Like, who on earth still uses the whiteboard??? My old-fashioned self likes it because it feels like real university life, or it Harvard.

I keep mentioning about Harvard because a few years back, I watched this Korean drama about 2 law students who study in Harvard. I only watch the first half of the drama, of which the plot is set in Harvard University. So frickin’ beautiful wtf.

One of the spots in Harvard University where they film the drama.

This is beautiful. Someday I seriously havehaveHAVE to visit Harvard University!

Leads of Love Story in Harvard, Kim Tae Hee and Kim Rae Won (L)

Kim Tae Hee is definitely the prettiest Korean actress that I know of. I don’t know whether her beauty is real, but they at least I think I can identify her from a group of Korean girls wtf.

Seeeee she’s so cuuuuute with her round doe eyes! And bouncybouncy Hada Labo clear translucent good skin and pretty features! *envious *jealous

Ok ok just in case you think I’m in lust with her (the thing Google image does to you), here’s a shot of Kim Rae-won in the drama:

Look his expression!!! He looks at her SO INTENTLY. As if the chemistry between them is REAL. I watched before another K-drama starring Kim Rae-won, I didn’t find him attractive then. Not like he turns into someone attractive in this drama la but I was mesmerised by his acting. He seems to have this ability to draw audience in to his character, makes you wanna follow through.

Ok la ok la this post is really boring and pointless. I really have nothing much to update about my life. Don’t feel like talking about internal stuff, don’t wanna stress my mind before I sleep lol (later I bite my nails summore wtf). Don’t think, don’t think, TWZ! Tido!