When I say I procrastinate, this is what I do:

by zee

Insane lust for fashion:

Coral maxi dress from Halston.

THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Note the drop at the front and criss-cross at the back. Ohgawdsosexayy.

Expensive fashion motivates me to soak up pretty ideas so that in the future I can design my own dresses, haha!

I really adore the boho fashion style even though I’m not 100% one (I worry too much :O). This dress will look great in petite body sizes! Nevertheless, I can always imagine myself petite, hahaha :P

Mainly I love the black and white of this piece. Especially the white chiffon blouse with white pipings! (Do you call it piping?) It’s so French :) And I also love the reddish coral lipstick and the bag with similar hue. So cute to match these 2 items!

Travel cravings:


This is why I want to go to India: the vibrant colours, the musical sounds, the dazzle schmazzle, the intricate art, the clash between tradition and modernity.

Rage to eat books for living:

Let me elaborate on what I mean by this heading-

Better job than an Event Manager, multi-million dollar singer, or a PHARMACIST! Hah! :P

Back to the topic about books,

Ler Devagar in Lisboa, Portugal. *Click on picture to go to the link!

My dream library, happening in everywhere around me except ON me. Lol. I always love staircases in libraries, like Henry Higgins’s library in My Fair Lady. As I was googling for the picture. I came across the library which inspired the interior decorator (Cecil Beaton) of the said movie in creating the setting.

Charles de Groussay library in France. *Click picture to the link!

Which lagi feed my urge to travel wtf.

And while I was googling for Cecil Beaton (now you know how I procrastinate… *cough), I stumbled upon a portrait of Princess Ira von Furstenberg. Apparently Mr. Beaton was a portrait photographer as well!

Princess Ira von Furstenberg, 1955.

See how she merges so well with the background, as if she’s a fairy from the garden.

Audrey Hepburn, 1960

Audrey Hepburn is so elegant <3 #admiration

Check out other of his works here. So pretty! Geez, even better than Instagram or even lomography :)

Ok meanwhile, back to Pinterest:

So there are people who prefer to use words than speech? #nolongeralone

Curiosity is a quality that I believe I have. Maybe not as strong as Mr. Einstein here but, well, strong enough than most people I know. In a way. I guess. I just hope that, in the future, this curiosity within me will remain as strong as now, or stronger. I believe that curiosity is the link to your child-like self. And children are always interesting and fun and bubbly and happy and boho :) Don’t you think people these days are getting dumber/more boring? They treat the world as if nothing is interesting anymore. Not even when they travel, they don’t seem to wish to learn new things through that, but just to take photos, shopping and show off later back home :/ Something I need to get used to and accept instead of discriminate! #guilty

Lastly, something I wish I can achieve:

Happy Thursday everyone! <3