I want to go to Russia

by zee

Amidst studying boring *yawn* Analytical Chemistry, a photograph I saw on someone’s FB profile randomly popped into my mind.

It’s a photo that was taken in a, I don’t know, a train maybe? Or a bus? A tram? I remember it gives off this sense of dilapidation, but the vehicle was full. They were just sitting there, waiting for their stop. They stared into molecules of air, breathing the staleness of atmosphere. I imagined it had snowed earlier. People wore brightly-coloured winter wear, bustling around the streets minding their own businesses. At a crossroad, they crossed the road when the traffic light turns green. The sky was like a piece of glass, clear and grey with a tinge of blue.

russiaI imagined Russia (Moscow?) as a forgotten place, the colours dulled by the snow and coolness of the people. It’s a quiet place with the sounds of snow falling and birds flying and people chattering, but somehow no music can be heard. People are so busy with their own things that they’ve forgotten the simple joys in life.

Ok I really can’t conjure up a linguistically beautiful prose now; my language centre is pretty much stunted by procrastination and exams and studies and work and what-nots.

But yeah. As I’m studying boring *yawn* Analytical Chemistry, I wanna go to Russia.