This is an important filler post

by zee

Quite unsatisfied with my current phone. Shutting down in the middle of a call, lags and delays; so I’m thinking of rooting my phone. Wonder if it helps?

While waiting for the file to be downloaded, here I shall list down some of the impersonal things I wish to achieve in 2013 lol. Not the complete list as I’m still too lazy to think properly, haha.

  1. Read 10 non-pharmacy-related books.
  2. Understand more about lomography and photographic films – probably own 1 lomo/film camera at the end of the year? :)
  3. Lose 5 kg of weight wtf >_<
  4. Complete a 10k marathon effortlessly (if there is such opportunity).
  5. Carve a “WTF” rubber stamp.
  6. Plan my post-graduate pre-work months. (I should have 6 months at my disposal.)
  7. Plan my future in a way that to fit in Europe backpack trip & NZ/Australia/US work-and-travel trip somewhere between NOW and 30-years-old.
  8. Brush up my German. Learn up French. Collect more “I love you”s in foreign languages.
  9. Brush up on my pharmacy knowledge wtf -_- I really do not wish to kill anyone with my incompetencies -_-
  10. Understand the inner works of marriage and decide whether to fit it into said plan in #7 Let’s move on to something more important.
  11. Drive a manual-geared car awesomely.

Ok now back to rooting. Bye.