Tweets on late night of 6th March 2013

by zee

Instead of opening and closing and reopening of Twitter tab intermittently, I figured it would be more convenient for me to post it here. And to keep a log of my stream of thoughts within a short span of time would be interesting too (I guess).

To give you a heads up on the following “tweets”: I’m currently writing someone else’s assignment because this person is too dumb to write his/her own. I’m doing this because I’m helping someone to live through these few days because of his hmmm sense of urgency. I’m listening to someone’s chats/love words in another dialect. I’m listening to music too, 30/12/2012 playlist on my Windows Media Player. I have a 8am class tomorrow and possibly expensive breakfast in Subway.

Ok I should stop writing because tweets aren’t supposed to be longer than 140 characters.

//edit: I decided to add on to this list the relevant previous tweets on Twitter of that night.


8.13pm: Writing somebody else’s assignment using my brain is not effective.

8.14pm: Really, if I only want to say 1500 words, should I force out another 1000 words? #iwonder

11.59pm: But hmmm despite the rants and complaints, I do realise that we lack of critical thinking skills.

11.02pm: Heart: I love him. Brain: Okay, but be careful. Just do not get hurt, like the last time when you loved somebody else. #TrueStory (RT @GrouponMY)

12.12am: Stunning Instagram Shots Document Cyclist’s Round-the-World Trip via @mashable

12.14am: Woots, tough feat! You deserve a salute! An Epic Walk From Beijing to London Fueled by Social Media via @mashable

1.07am: 有一点想巴某人一巴掌,虽然没做错什么。只是让我感觉有点不太舒服。

1.31am: Sleepy. Will I be able to understand this sense of attachment in my life time? Perhaps I’m destined to have the bed all by myself, haha!

1.32am: And to listen to hmmm not-too-vulgar-but-still-vulgar words is not making me feeling comfortable. It’s only 1 or 2 words but it’s still vulgar.

1.41am: #nowplaying The Last Time by @taylorswift feat. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol

1.47am: Said you’re there but you’re not. Don’t worry abt me, I’m used to disappointments, big or small. It’s one way of growing up, no?

1.48am: On the other hand, I’ve never told you any of these, have I?

1.48am: This requires a separate tweet. Would love to shut you up. This is another you pls don’t get confused thx.

1.53am: #nowplaying Absolutely Zero. Miss your voice terribly @jason_mraz! <3 #fangirl

2.14am: So sleepy. Can’t think. Don’t bother. Sleep. But should I continue? What is this sense of righteousness doing to me??? Oh bother.

2.22am: Trying my best to act mature (even if nobody knows) and not blaming you. Can’t. Why do people seem to grow up so easily? #backtosquareone

2.26am: For no reason am I angry with you #pms Must be signs of pamper #prissy I should be independent emotionally

2.27am: Then does such desire for emotional independence = pointless? Sigh. Perhaps it isn’t real in the first place #horrorstory

2.28am: Shall prepare myself to own the bed all by myself in the future (incl next minute). Good night.


Good night.