Oh, what an interesting bunch of people who will lead the society really soon

by zee

A junior posted on our School’s official FB page, complaining how they were always informed last minute about events, or sometimes not even informed.


It was saddening to see how students react to this small issue that can easily be resolved. Perhaps this is the problem of being in the public.

One of the committee replied to him that, after all apologies and clarification, he should also be considerate of the committees’ feelings, that they’ve done their best to deliver. A graduated senior (let’s call her R) retorted, that true professionalism is about completing the task assigned well and elaborated on the attitude we should equip ourselves with, i.e. responsible, leadership, open-minded. Another senior (Q) then expressed that R was overreacting, that small issue such as organising a dinner has nothing to do with our job. R was unsatisfied with Q, saying that he look up to the the President of Pharmacy Society who handled this quite well.

Then hor itu Q pun pandai2 kata R should also learn from the Prez (about being less emotional) -_- comment ini juga receive 42 likes -_- Wtf -_-

R’s angry comments receive quite a handful of dissatisfaction. You can see from how people reacted, all of them having the same mindset as Q.

Personally, I feel that what Q said is very true. Out there, nobody is going to bother about how you feel, more so those who don’t personally know you. Humans, being such hypocrites, are expected to deliver perfection even though it’s a known fact that we are deeply flawed. These two are the fundamental mechanics of the society, and we have to understand and accept it. What makes you think students are not part of the society?

Another thing is that whatever we do now has a repercussion in the future. Say the higher exco who are more involved in organising PharmNight than small fishes like us, throughout this journey they will have learned facts and skills that they will not have otherwise learned in classroom settings. They will face obstacles, stress and criticisms such as this. These things may seem small, but if you treasure this experience, what you learn will be with for your lifetime. So how can you say that this does not affect how you work in the future?

However, Q really is going overboard la. She is being really harsh and perhaps emotional on this issue :/ It’s a good lesson though. Proves that the society is multifaceted. At least she bothers to tell you these things, eh?

A student posted his dissatisfaction on his Timeline, that such issue is technically non-existent, that it’s not important, so why bother?

Attitude issue aside: Does using a language that the majority of them do not understand makes you more superior than them? Why is there a tone of derogatory? When you garner so many support (in terms of Likes) from those of the same sub-society, besides making you feel good, what else? Are you right?

These right/borderline right-wrong/wrong and racial politics never make me happy :( I feel so sad for the society :( I hope I do not become such a person :( I shall proceed with my research on English presentation topic, which should lift my mood at least a little. Sidenote: I’m hungrayyyyy :(