Why I’m Trading A House And Salary For A Motorcycle And Map

by Thought Catalog

“When a person bottoms out they start from zero. They get to recreate the rules. They don’t feel pressured to get a job that uses their degree so they don’t feel like they’ve wasted time. They get to dream up new rules. When an entire generation bottoms out, they change the world and dream up a new way to look at it.”

Thought Catalog

It’s been a really wild week. As of today, I’ve officially notified everyone who works in my office that I’m leaving for my adventure. As of June 1, 2013 I will be trading in a house, a job and a salary for a motorcycle, a map and a half-cocked idea that I can write a book that’s worth reading.

After all of the conversations I’ve had with my mom over the last month that have made me feel like I’m from another planet, I was really hesitant to tell everyone the real plan. After all, these people are professionals. They have degrees and work for a college. They’re professors, deans and directors. Of course they would have the same reaction as mom. I expected to be looked at like I had nine heads. So what I did is I told them a partial truth: I said I had applied to…

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