19/4/2013, 1.11AM; Currently listening to:

by zee

I was about 17 when I first heard these two albums:


Damien Rice’s O. 2002. Folk, indie rock, acoustic rock. The Blower’s Daughter is a song often covered by contestants in singing competitions. This album lead me to discover the wonderful world of indie music. Why doesn’t he produce music anymore? :(


Estrella’s self-titled album. 2007. Malaysian. Folk, jazz, bossa nova. Listen here. My favourite lyrics from this albums is this: How can I miss you / when you don’t go away / when you don’t go away from me from the song Some Space. It deeply intrigued the naive me then; probably still do. The band is now disbanded :( Luckily Liyana Fizi (lead singer of the band) is still around. She’s released her new album, Lightwriting, quite a while ago. I haven’t got my hands around it! #procrastination

Even after 5 years, these are still my favourites <3

Currently playing: 春江花月夜, piano concerto with Chinese instrument orchestra, performed by Lang Lang.

I wish to have the time to just listen music and do nothing else.