As of now

by zee

I like Scream & Shout by feat. Britney Spears. I like the confidence exuded by Britney’s voice, as if she hogs the limelight in the club. I don’t like her singing though.

I also like When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. My favourite line would be the chorus,

I should’ve bought you flowers / and held your hand

I don’t particularly like flowers la, but girls just like to be pampered, like in the movies, y’know, where every scenes and background music and passers-by and the direction of the wind and the angle of the lights & camera are perfect and when you do the Korean female actress blank expression everything is absolutely pretty and wonderful:


Lightly parted lips, melancholic expression, staring into deep space, as if there are many thoughts going on in your head but you’re not sure which one best expresses your feelings. Or perhaps you just have no idea what your lover just said because you’re focusing on conjuring the best expression for the moment, hence the blank face. You imagine you’re as pretty as the Korean actresses.

You leave such a beautiful image of yourself in front of your (soon-to-be-ex-)lover, even break-ups become so pretty wtf :’)

(Side note: do you realise all female actresses share the same/similar nose wtf?)


Even something as airless and fluffy as cotton candy can become a significant part of your memory when you have the aforementioned criteria.


Red FM has been airing clips of radio presenters (from the same company) speaking in their native country, about how they love Malaysia, and then end with “We are Malaysian”. I wonder if it’s part of a marketing gimmick as well? Nice touch though. Would love to see ALL radio stations collaborate. That would be awesomer! Heard of the chopstick story, where breaking one chopstick is easy but not a whole bunch of them?


Currently reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Love in the Time of Cholera

On the day of her husband’s funeral, whom she had married for more than half a century, Fermina Daza met her childhood lover, Florentino Ariza, who had waited for her all these while (along with many more affairs). So far the story sounds really simple, but, I must say, the language used isn’t something I really fancy lol, it’s like reading classic literature o.o

Florentino courted Fermina for 2 years only through letters, and at last, he finally proposed to her.

After waiting for her reply for 4 months, this was what she said:

Very well, I will marry you if only you promise not to feed me eggplant.

Trolololll complicated female minds!

On the other hand, I would love to learn how to analyse literatures. Things are more than what they seem they are, but I could never get past a certain gate, most likely because I have yet to acquire certain “deep thinking” skills, lol. This stems from my habit of receiving but never giving zzz.


So I didn’t do anything for my studies but wth I really need to get. out.

K goodnight!