8 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

by Thought Catalog

To quote anything from here is absolutely pointless, because what she has written here is straight to the bull’s eyes.

Thought Catalog

We’re not picky, and we’re not hard to get along with, no matter what your men’s magazine research told you. Professors at the Institute Of Turn Off The Blow Dryer While Sports Center Is On are known for their bias, and I contest that we as a gender are pretty chill, overall. There are just a few things that should never, under any circumstances, be said to us — no matter how much you may want to. Trust me.

1. “Calm down about [insert flawless male celebrity here].”

Look. I know that, for many men, opening up a tab and hopping over to RedTube for a few minutes of extreme close-up thrusting is all one requires to fulfill the “imaginary love life I have with strangers” quota for the day. Unfortunately for many women, just the act itself is not going to make our day end on a high note…

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