3.23am, 28th June 2013

by zee

I talked to a close friend tonight. I like to talk to her a lot. I have lots of trouble revealing myself in front of others, no matter how much I know that person. (Yes I’m reserved like that ._.) That’s why I’m really glad to have known her 2 years ago, and have her as one of my closest friend.

She may not know much about what’s going on in my life; but she listens to my random thoughts about myself & people in general, and that’s exactly why I really appreciate her presence in my life. With others, I discuss about issues around me; but with her, it’s thoughts about people, personal development, society, etc. It’s what I’m most comfortable talking about cuz it’s something I hold very deeply to my heart.


I’ve known her since secondary primary school, but I was never close to her. We never really clicked la basically lol.

When we were in form 4/5, she had this virtual lover through Maple Story. He is from Singapore, so they never met each other in person. They exchanged emails frequently, and she would post them up onto their shared blog, censoring whatever necessary, and open for public viewing.

During then, me and 2 other friends would laugh at them and discuss about them privately. Their correspondence was very affectionate, very mushy, and a little too private (yes I still think it is lol). Most importantly, we were still too young to appreciate romantic love. For us, boyfriends/girlfriends are a big deal; and when we got to know a tiny bit of how couple work, we enlarge it for our entertainment.

They broke up a few months later. I don’t know what went on between them during these few years. A few years, far distance and imperfect relationships later, she went to work in a Singapore start-up, and they got back to each other again.

During those few years, we grew up, with or without romantic relationships, and gained maturity and understanding. Good looks is a bonus but not essential. Mushy PDA is fun but has nothing to do with everyone else except them. We look at their happy faces and smiles, and wish them all the best.


Officially in love with this song! I just can’t help smiling whenever I hear/sing this. Cee Lo Green and Lauriana Mae’s voices match really well! The melody conveys a certain want (no, not desire) between 2 persons, that I miss you, that please come back but without the sticky cling and annoying begging. That I can still survive without you, but I want you to be here beside me because I love you.


GERD stands of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.


Honestly, heartburn is painful :( It’s literally a burning sensation at the middle of your chest.


This is why it’s painful – the acid slowly corrodes the oesophageal wall and you’ll end up with no oesophagus, and your mouth no longer connects to your stomach and you die of starvation. You have HCl in your stomach yo, don’t play play.

I’m also constantly gassy. SO UNCOMFORTABLE :(

GERD causes F&B, med

A list of foods & medications that may worsen heartburn. Here is also a list of factors that causes GERD. This website states that bacteria and fermentation of carbohydrates (either taken in excess or insufficiently digested) will also cause GERD. Not sure if the 2nd website is reliable, worth a try though.

Whyyyy I’m only 22, I’ve still got a whole lot more of life to go through T_T

Verdict: I should cut down my carbs intake #determined


-thoughts/whining/self-torture removed-

I should think less and express myself more to save myself of the suffering of mind torture FML.