7 Things That Will Ruin Any Relationship In Your 20s

by Thought Catalog

This is really, really good. Definitely something to use as a reflection whenever I feel down/lost. Perhaps there are things that aren’t my fault, that I don’t have to be be guilty.

Thought Catalog

1. Motivation levels.

It’s not that one of you having a Great Big Important Job while the other doesn’t know what they want to do is an automatic problem. It’s just that it often represents a deeper level of motivation to do and achieve things at a certain age which is not automatically shared by everyone around you. There are certain people who are happy doing more simple things, and there are people who want to use their 20s to create something difficult but important. And that difference unfortunately leads to resentment, envy, misunderstanding, and a distinct feeling of being held back. Motivation levels are hugely important, even if we don’t want to talk about them.

2. Social activities.

How much the two of you are respectively still going out and drinking, and how much your social life looks like it did when you were in college, are going to…

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