24 July 2013, Wednesday

by zee


Yet another day spent unproductively at home. Tidied the cupboards, ate too much biscuits.

When the hour hand stroke 6 I sort of dreaded it a bit. It meant that in less than an hour I would have to drive that machinery out to the road, endure honks, speeding, dangerous drivers, impatience, parking, especially parking.

Well, well, somehow my wish was heard and at 6.21pm, the drive was cancelled. Can you believe how relieved I am lolol?

I’d better not be driving 2 hours later. *glare*


I stumbled upon this song and immediately fell in love with the melody.

Like a song of secrets. Absolutely beautiful.

This too! The same singer but with a different personality altogether.

Homecoming by Bernhard Schlink

Homecoming by Bernhard Schlink

One of the books I’m currently reading. Done with only Part I and I’m already hooked!

Growing up with his mother in Germany, Peter Debauer knows little about his father, an apparent victim of the Second World War. But when he stumbles upon a few pages from a long-lost novel, Peter embarks on a quest that leads him across Europe to the United States, chasing fragments of a story within a story and a master of disguises who may or may not exist. Homecoming is a tale of fathers and sons, men and women, war and peace. It reveals the humanity that survives the trauma of war and the ongoing possibility for redemption. — from Goodreads

I got to know Bernhard Schlink through his short stories collection, Flight of Love, and later got hooked to him after reading The Reader (GREAT BOOK & MOVIE MUST READ/WATCH). Very quiet style of writing, very simple, no extra baggage around his words. His prose flows smoothly, slowly, gently – and very precise – but in a very distanced way. He tells you the story and brings you into that world, but he remains outside of the sphere, overlooking you experiencing the world, and leaves it to you to return to the real world.

He is the reason I want to learn German, just so I can read his works in his original language :)