There Is More To Life

by zee

I am not defined by my career/relationships/problems/talents. They are merely part of me, and I am much more than that.

There is more to life than a job. Jobs are important – we need them to survive, to feel productive, to contribute to society. But far too often and especially in this part of the world, people become synonymous with their jobs. Work is life rather work is a part of life. I think if we seek jobs, all we will find are jobs. But if we seek vocations, a sense of purpose in how we are productive; if we seek a calling, then we will find more than a job. We will find our contribution to humanity; we will find more to life than a job.

There is more to life than being in a relationship. For many people, we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our relationship statuses. Marriage and dating and love in a romantic way is a wonderful thing. But it isn’t all there is. We are…

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